Big or Small, Ohos Now Does it All!

Maybe you get really nervous & dread the entire day, maybe you get excited to give or receive the feedback, maybe you just take it for what it is and don’t really know what to do when it’s over… No matter how you react to them, they’re entirely inevitable in most every kind of job: Performance Reviews.

Dave Needham, for example, was in the “performance reviews suck” camp and sought out to change, not only his own mind, but the mind of anyone who has ever been involved in those inescapable encounters.

He, his initial business partner Alicia Yanik and the current VP of Engineering and co-founder, Steven Easter, created Ohos, a crowdsourced performance feedback platform that, as Dave puts it, “decentralizes performance management”.

“Traditionally, you’ve got a very top-down, centrally- controlled process… Well, most organizations don’t work that way anymore; they’re flatter, more agile, they’re project-based…people are moving all over the place,”

Using that type of business model, having software like Ohos seems like a practical solution for just about any company. However, Dave says “Really where [Ohos] starts to add value is in organizations of about thirty people. Organizations of about twenty or under don’t really need anything formal, but larger companies need the formality.”

So what are smaller companies to do? Dave says he’d began thinking about a “consulting arm” for Ohos soon after he came to Enterprise. He realized that part of growing Ohos is going to create a need for that. “Companies go, ‘Oh, we’ve got to do something about this. We have a gap! What do we do with the data?’ If you have even one employee, you will have employee questions.”

Dave is formulating a model that will allow smaller companies to opt in for one-on-one HR and personnel advice in a more informal setting, utilizing the connections he’s built within his over fourteen years of experience in this field. He is envisioning an HR questions-and-solutions service that can be molded to fit a client’s needs. Something that Dave says, “all companies need,  but may not know where to find it”.

If Ohos sounds like a tool your company could utilize, or you are a small company that just needs to know where to begin, reach out to Dave and Ohos on their website or see your Enterprise Coworking community managers for more information.

Thanks for sitting down with us, Dave!