Community Spotlight: Get To Know The Digital Remedy Legacy

We’re delighted to feature one of our newest companies working at our Enterprise Coworking RiNo space, Digital Remedy

Jamie Paro, Director of Trafficking, tell us more about the roots and growth of the company, their dedication to happy and healthy employees, and why she loves being a part of Digital Remedy! 

How did Digital Remedy come to be?

Digital Remedy is a digital media execution and technology company based in New York City that has been in the tech-enabled market space for 20 years. Founder and CEO, Mike Seiman, launched the company as a senior at Hofstra University and became one of America's Most Promising Companies by Forbes in 2015. 

The company currently has 8 global offices, including two additional U.S. offices in New Orleans and Denver, and over 200 employees in Client Services, Media Optimization, Sales & Marketing, Corporate, Technology, Content Operations, and Data & Analytics roles. With multiple products and services, Digital Remedy offers customizable solutions and white labeled capabilities to help their clients navigate the digital landscape.

You have multiple locations around the world - why Denver?

Denver is such an up and coming city that it is hard to deny the amount of opportunities that can be had here. 

Firstly, Denver’s culture is compatible with our company’s core values; the warm community coupled with the fun and adventurous nature of Colorado was a perfect fit. 

Secondly, it was intriguing to have another office in a city where we could take advantage of the booming tech industry and grow the office in a city that is a hotbed for talent. Denver has offered us a new and exciting environment that we are so excited to grow into!  

What do you and your team enjoy most about working at Enterprise Coworking RiNo?

When the Denver office was first discussed with me as a potential opportunity, I immediately started to look for coworking spaces in the Rino area. The wonderful restaurants, cafes, and art-filled streets are a wonderful backdrop for our work week. 

More than that, Enterprise has offered so much to us in our few short months here. Everyone here has been so incredibly welcoming and kind as we make ourselves at home. The space is friendly and engaging and makes us want to work hard while also enjoy the extracurriculars around us every day. Thanks for being such a lovely community of people to join! 

Digital Remedy has been recognized as "Best Top Company Cultures" and "Best Places To Work", what are your company's core values and other unique experiences that your company has?

Digital Remedy has always had a personal outlook on business. While we are constantly exceeding and growing, they are sure to double check that the people who are executing that growth are happy.

An important part of Digital Remedy is to ensure that people genuinely enjoy coming to work and that our offices offer a friendly and innovative atmosphere for people to do their best. With work flexibility and genuine understanding from managers and higher ups that sometimes life gets in the way – they always stick by their employees to make sure people are happy and healthy while at work. 

Can you explain your role and what you've enjoyed most working at Digital Remedy?

As the Director of Trafficking, I am head of the Activation team. I started working for Digital Remedy in the New Orleans office and began to build out the Activation team there. We currently have about 7 members in New Orleans and 2 new hires here in Denver! 

We are involved in executing programmatic, native, and social campaigns on about 15 different digital platforms. Our job is to ensure that each campaign is setup correctly and proactively. We troubleshoot, communicate with the Account Management team, and successfully activate anything from 5-50 campaigns a day. 

Over the past 4.5 years I’ve been here, Digital Remedy has been a supportive and engaging environment, filled with hilarious and hardworking individuals. Even while working from home for two years, I loved my team and stayed actively engaged with office activities. On top of that, Digital Remedy’s commitment to their employees and the personal touch they put into everything they do makes it a beautiful place to work. The flexibility and loyalty they have shown me over the years has been integral in my work ethic and ability to succeed within the company and their goals.

We have grown exponentially over the past four years and I am so excited to bring the Digital Remedy culture to Denver and to continue all the values this great company has to offer!    

Thank you for your time, Jamie! 

If our Enterprise Coworking members would like to meet with Jamie and/or learn more about Digital Remedy, feel free to say hello at our RiNo office or email her at: