Enterprise Coworking Community Spotlight: Tree Ring Digital

This month Lauren sat down with Paige Wiese, Founder & CEO of Tree Ring Digital!
Tree Ring Digital is a Denver-based digital marketing company that offers an array of digital services ranging from website design and development to search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, content marketing, and reputation marketing.
Their team helps businesses increase revenue and brand awareness by collaborating to develop and implement unique strategies specific to their needs. They serve a variety of industries, from restaurants and other brick and mortar businesses to contractors and service providers.


Lauren: [00:00:03] Hello and welcome back to Enterprise Coworking Community Spotlight. This month we are sitting down with Paige Wiese, the founder and CEO of Tree Ring Digital. Paige, thank you so much for virtually sitting down with me today and telling me a little bit about your company.


Paige: [00:00:19] Absolutely. Thank you so much for speaking with us.


Lauren: [00:00:22] Absolutely. So let's get right into it. Can you tell us about true digital and what you guys do?


Paige: [00:00:30] So we are full service, digital marketing agency. We help clients at a variety of sizes with their website design and development, their and their digital marketing footprint, if you will. So however, that relates to how they appear online. So SEO paid ads, social media management and marketing content writing, blog post writing, Google Analytics, really looking at how do we improve that online presence for the client from start to finish.


Lauren: [00:00:56] That's a very important, very important stuff. So how long have you been in business?


Paige: [00:01:02] We have been in business for 13 years. And here in Denver the whole time.


Lauren: [00:01:10] So what makes cheering digital different than other companies in your field?


Paige: [00:01:16] I'd say two of the key differences, one of them being that our team is all local to not just the US but pretty much here locally in Colorado as well. We have a full in-house team. I would say a lot of agencies in our industry very much start to outsource that work and we pride ourselves on bringing in the local staff as well as being able to do quick turnarounds. We're not waiting for someone outside of the US to take time to respond and get back and that's something the clients have really appreciated, is how prompt we can resolve something if it comes up. Make site edits that are kind of last minute, whatever that looks like, and address those issues right away. A second one would be that ability to understand the marketing and the web development component of it. So it allows us to dive deeper into the website, build more high functioning websites compared to brochure simple websites as well as we don't just stop at, hey, we drove X amount of people to your website. We actually continue the entire journey until the conversion itself to be able to say, is this marketing effort working or not? Should we be doing more and really proving that component to them or explaining like everything is going great, but they're not converting on this one page and instead of waiting for that work to go out to a website developer and eventually potentially come back, we're able to then talk to the client and say, Here's a suggestions we'd recommend, here's what it would cost, let's get those edited and made. And it allows them to keep going because we've seen that disconnect between marketing and web, that it can take a long time or marketing or the web doesn't necessarily want to make those edits. A lot of times when we work with marketing agencies on the website side, they just send us the work and they're like, Can you add these codes? Can you do this? Most of the time, if a client is using us for development and another company for marketing, they don't actually send us conversion tracking. So we know they're not even doing it. They've yet to install anything on the website and so we really pride ourselves in that component of the whole journey from the first time they see your logo all the way to doing business with you.


Lauren: [00:03:24] That's amazing. I love that. So why did you choose Enterprise Coworking?


Paige: [00:03:30] Yeah, I have been looking a lot, especially returning from the pandemic. We had been in coworking environments before and it's worked out really well for us. But being in a hybrid model and also with a team that needs to collaborate a lot, it was important for us to get back into an office environment pretty quickly and as well as the piece I really enjoy about Enterprise is how much the team can move around. I know we do more of the co-working and yeah, we're a little bit bigger sized team for that kind of environment, but I just haven't really enjoyed having to like put everybody into that office and making them feel kind of stuck in it. And it's amazing to see them utilizing the stand up desks to go down to the library, how much they're like, Oh, I was on the roof half the morning, you know, and just really enjoying that moving around. That's what I wanted out of the team is like, Yes, we are in an office and at the same time though, it doesn't have to feel like I'm at an office or that you're making them work somewhere they don't want to. And so that's another piece that we really enjoyed with Enterprise and just that ability for us to flex and grow from a couple of employees at some points to, you know, ten employees. And as we're still growing as a company, that fluctuation is really, really allowed us to be a little bit smarter with how we're growing instead of overpaying for office space or not having enough space and then growing and having to keep move moving. So that's what we really enjoyed too about Enterprise and then just the staff and everything that comes with it.


Lauren: [00:04:59] Yeah, we love having you guys around here. I always see you guys utilizing the whole space.


Paige: [00:05:07] There's always someone, somewhere.


Lauren: [00:05:09] Yeah, I love it. I love it. So my last question to you would just be, is there anything else that you would like our viewers, your fellow enterprise members, to know about you, about the company?


Paige: [00:05:24] Yeah, we you know, we work with a variety of industries and businesses, so we've got everything from mom and pops locally to national corporations, franchises, merger acquisition companies. And so for us, it's really sitting down and having that conversation of what are the goals and how can we assist with those and not really selling into anything that they don't need. We're not the type of agency that if you come in, we're going to say you have to have a new website before you work with us. We're really going to figure out what is the goal, where do we go and what are the numbers telling us and make educated decisions that way, not just, hey, this is going to be beneficial for us if you start over or, you know, run this campaign because we make money doing it, we're really focused more on how do we make you more successful, have more of that revenue and be in the right demographic and audience for when you're advertising because there's so many ways you can market. And that's why we offer so many instead of niching into one, because we understand that SEO may work for someone, that Google ads will work better for in a different industry.


Lauren: [00:06:24] Right Right. Awesome. Well, thank you for sitting down with me and telling us a little bit more about Tree Ring Digital. Very interesting work you do and we are so lucky to have you guys in this space. We really enjoy having all of you here. So if anybody wants to get a little bit more information or contact Paige, they can reach out by going to the website treeringdigital.com. Paige, thank you so much again.


Paige: [00:06:54] Thank you so much. Have a great day.


Lauren: [00:06:56] You too.