The Top Selling Couple

Where do we begin with power couple Al and Jessica Fialkovich? Presidents and owners of the highly successful business brokerage company, Transworld Denver, Jessica and Al are a duo that can’t be beat. As co-founders and managing partners of Transworld Business Advisors, they lead their Denver based team of experienced brokers to assist entrepreneurs in selling, acquiring and growing industries in the small business market as well as the Transworld brand worldwide.

Al and Jessica previously owned businesses in the wine and spirits industry. As Founders and Presidents of the Wine Education Institute in 2012, and co-Founders of Decanted Wines in 2009, Jessica and Al began their career which provided a solid background in marketing strategies, retail business, and online wine sales. Deciding together to sell their wine business, they picked up their life and moved from Florida to Colorado.

“When we decided to sell the business, we said, ‘Okay, how do you do this?’” “No one teaches you how to sell your first business in school. So we ended up selling it through a broker, which was a good financial transaction–but the broker didn’t provide any service level. It was a really emotional process. When you sell your first business, it’s like your baby. We went through that whole process and we were a little scarred. After that, we were introduced to Transworld Business Advisors.”

Al and Jessica met Transworld Business Advisors’ CEO, Andy Cagnetta. He informed them that the Transworld Denver office was up for sale. The couple moved to Denver in 2013, and took over the franchise’s branch. Transworld Denver is different than the other national and international branches. “Transworld Denver is called a power office’, Jessica continues, ‘We’re a larger office, we have more brokers on our team, and we handle more transactions (about 50/year). Last year we were the number one office in the country.” You can’t deny this when considering the awards given. Transworld Denver boasts over 12 and Al and Jessica have been awarded for their decision to take over the brokerage firm. Recognitions include the Million Dollar Circle for Transworld Business Advisors, Most Valuable Player, and  an induction into the Transworld Hall of Fame.

Jessica became a first time entrepreneur at the age of 25. She is an avid outdoors woman and has a passion for working alongside charitable organizations. They both feel very strongly about supporting Junior Achievement, The National Park Foundation, and the Humane Society. Impressively, Jessica is on the editorial board of The Broadview Denver, which is a great resource for issues relevant to women in Denver. She is also founder of the Charity Ascent, an annual fundraiser sponsored by Transworld Denver. Entrepreneurs climb Colorado’s 14ers to support educational programs for Junior Achievement. The surprising thing about working with Charity Ascent, Jessica says, “Is how few Coloradans have actually hiked 14ers. On our team, we’ve had people that have lived in Colorado their whole life and never climbed a 14er!” If you have yet to hike one of the many 14,000 foot mountains you can accompany Al, Jessica and their team next month, on August 18th, as they climb Mt. Bierstadt.

With a full life of running Transworld Denver and being actively involved in various charitable organizations, we wanted to know how Al and Jessica keep their work-life balance in check. Jessica says, “We’ve tried different things including no work talk after 8 PM or on the weekends. Recently, what we have been doing is called a free day. No work talk, no e-mail.” Free days for Al and Jessica is one day a week, typically Sundays. Although free days help find balance, they still find their challenges. Jessica continues, “The problem we run into is that we’re both really passionate about business, we’ll always be talking about business ideas we have.” They both hold inspired ideas about new business opportunities which leads them to creating innovative and successful new opportunities. For example, they founded MOD Assistants. A company which provides their clients with personal and business assistants to complete a check list of errands and tasks at an affordable price point. This couple is always challenging themselves to overcome new obstacles, and help business owners start their own journeys.

Al and Jessica went to high school together and grew up a mile apart in New Jersey. After college Al moved to Aspen to work for a developer. He invited friends of his on the East Coast to Colorado for a week of skiing, Jessica joined the fun, and after visiting, she moved to Colorado within 5 months. This jet-set couple is soon to be going to California for some relaxation time. They are closing on a home in Aspen that they purchased recently together. Al and Jessica live happily in Denver with their sweet dog, Sailor.