Tips For Thriving In Your Coworking Community

It's no secret that we are huge fans of coworking! We love supporting our members and their businesses to help them grow and thrive as they utilize our space and all that coworking has to offer! Ideal for Freelance and Remote workers, small businesses, startups, growing businesses, and medium to large and/or international businesses, coworking offers a plethora of benefits. Some of these benefits include but are not limited to, ample networking and collaboration opportunities, increased productivity via flexible memberships and dedicated workspaces away from home, a more cost-efficient workspace over a traditional office space, member amenities and more! This in turn leads to happier employees and happier employers.

Coworking works best when you take full advantage of your membership and all your community has to offer. So to ensure you are making the most of your coworking membership, we’ve put together a list of our top tips to help you thrive in your coworking community!


1. Attend the events your coworking space throws/holds!

Make sure you pay attention to, and take advantage of, the various events your coworking space holds. Whether it is a social event, a networking specific event, or even an informational class or seminar, going to these events is a great way to network with both the other members in the building, as well as those who may not be members but come to attend the event. This can help to grow your business and professional standing, as well as help boost creative thought, action, and collaboration by exposing your team to new perspectives and individuals.IMG_9711 (1)

2. Stay up to date with your coworking space’s communication platforms.

It is important to stay in the know at your coworking space. Pay attention to which communication platforms your space uses and then stay engaged on those platforms. This is how various events, updates, etc. are communicated to members, and is also used as a means of membership engagement. Enterprise Coworking for example uses Slack as well as regular weekly emails and monthly newsletters. Our slack channel is full of daily updates and reminders, as well as fun community chatter/banter, and our regular emails keep members fully in the know!

3. Get to know the Community Managers!

Community Managers are there to help you! Not only will they be able to help you out with any issues that arise, but they are also highly familiar with all the goings on within the community and space itself! They can truly help you get the most from the space, are great to provide feedback and ideas to, can introduce you to different people around the space, and often have great advice on where to go in the area if you’re looking for a lunch, dinner, or happy hour spot!


4. Utilize the community’s Common Areas!

One of the many benefits of working in a coworking space is you aren’t chained to your desk or stuck in a cubicle all day! For example, here at Enterprise Coworking, if you’re having a hard time concentrating, take your laptop and head to one of the may couches or nooks throughout the space to change it up! Need some quite space to really buckle down? Head to our Library! Is your office too quiet? Head to the lobby or members area and set up shop at one of the tables! The ability to work where it works best for you is one of the best parts of coworking and helps members to be more productive overall! 

                           brainstorm with coworkers in space rooftopbig-1024x768

5. Personalize your space!

There was a recent study done by the Journal of Environmental Psychology which gives definitive proof that a personalized workspace reduces the negative impacts of daily work and emotional exhaustion! This in turn means happier people, and happier people tend to be more productive! So, why not make your office or dedicated desk your own and decorate it with your personal and professional style! Add some fun artwork, bring in some plants or photos of some favorite memories with your team! Need some ideas on how to decorate? Check out this article on how to Feng Shui your office!

IMG_79796. Set a routine!

While one of the best parts of coworking is the fact that it offers flexible workspace solutions and allows for movement throughout the space, networking/socializing, etc., it is still important to set a routine for yourself in order to make the most of your time and maximize your productivity! According to The Neuroscience School, setting a routine – even if it’s a routine as simple as what order you do things when you first arrive to work (such as turn on your computer, get coffee, catch up with coworkers and check your email, etc.), allows you to “spend less cognitive energy on recurring tasks, which can support focus and creativity for more complex tasks” throughout the day!

If you’re looking for a coworking space for yourself or your team, we welcome you to take a tour of either or our RiNo or Greenwood Village locations and learn about all the things Enterprise Coworking has to offer! To schedule a tour, click HERE.