The Man Behind The Espresso: Rise Cafe's Steve Serchia

Rise Cafe is a great amenity that has been with Enterprise Coworking in RiNo since the very start, June 2017! Meet: Steve, Rise Cafe Manager. Steve was the perfect person to take things over during our recent reorganization of the cafe operations. He became manager and has been running the show since November of 2018, and it has been a great fit ever since! Steve sat down with us one morning to connect about the cafe and how things are going. Read more to learn a bit about how Rise Cafe is doing! Spoiler alert - pretty awesome!

Now that you have been with Rise Cafe for the past few months what has your experience been like? What attracted you to managing Rise Cafe?

It’s been great getting to know people from so many different companies and hearing what all the businesses are at Enterprise Coworking.

What is the most surprising thing about managing a cafe located in a coworking space?

What’s surprising is how many people come through the building each day. Whether for meetings or interviews - sometimes the lobby is packed! It’s so awesome to see the community and building really filling up! 75% of Rise Cafe business is membership driven. It’s the best that I get to come to work to see my friends but also get to serve this diverse community too!

What have you found to be the best way to engage the neighborhood?

Locals in this neighborhood love to come in to Rise to pick up their favorite food, we are like an extension of their home fridge! Locals love our selection and they also like to stay in the lobby to work and chat for a little bit. Most times, regulars of Rise join the community! It’s great to see them stay with us.

What is the most fun thing about managing Rise Cafe?

The most fun thing about managing Rise Cafe is trying all the new food when vendors have a new menu item they want to share!

Who is your favorite vendor to work with at Rise Cafe? Are there any vendors you would like to invite in to work with Rise Cafe?

I like Rebel Bread a ton, their owner Zach went to baking school in San Francisco and does all sorts of creative things with his pastries. The best selling item we have is the breakfast burritos from One Fold, they are great - its handmade tortillas and everything is made in house, you can’t beat that!

Is there a particular moment or memory that stands out to you?

Not one moment in particular but it’s fun to be the place people go to as an escape from work, even if it is just for a couple of minutes for a quick chat. I like keeping Rise Cafe to be a nice outlet for members to take beat and chat. What’s said in the cafe, stays in the cafe!

Does Rise have any exciting plans for the near future?

Possibly bring in some new ways to have a good cup of coffee expanding from the traditional “drip” method, like pour overs. We want to get more innovative with coffee offerings. I’m a big fan of gauging member’s interest, suggestions and opinions - more surveys are to come in the near future!

For more information on Rise Cafe and to see the menu of drinks and local eats, visit the website!