Our amazing Manager of Hospitality Services, Steve Serchia was recently interviewed by Voyage Denver! Check out the sneak peak below or head to the Voyage Denver site (Click HERE) to read the wole interview for yourself!

Happy Steve

Today we’d like to introduce you to Steve Serchia. 

Hi Steve, it’s an honor to have you on the platform. Thanks for taking the time to share your story with us – to start maybe you can share some of your backstories with our readers?
I started my barista journey while in college working for larger corporations in California. I quickly fell in love with caffeinating the community I was in, but it wasn’t until I moved to Denver and started working for smaller, family-owned coffee shops that I realized my passion wasn’t just about providing delicious caffeine to the community. It really became more about serving the community and providing VIP hospitality that keeps customers coming back. 

After taking a few months off in 2018 to travel and experience different coffee cultures around the world (specifically Morocco, Portugal, and Spain), I landed in Denver, Colorado. I accepted the position of Café Manager for Rise Café at Enterprise Coworking located in Denver’s RiNo Arts District. I have found my role at Enterprise Coworking to be one in which my passion for the people of my community thrives. 

Managing a café within a large co-working space nestled in the heart of one of Denver’s most popular neighborhoods has given me the chance to fully engage with customers, members, and locals, on a recurring daily basis. I’ve been able to find out exactly what our community wants and needs from their local coffee shop and flexible office space and serve them experiences that are tailored to uplifting and motivating them (depending on what they need that day). 

What’s more, this last summer I was afforded the opportunity to expand my role with Enterprise Coworking and Rise Café to become the first-ever Manager of Hospitality Services. I have since thrived in continuing to establish genuine and meaningful relationships with our members, neighbors, and visitors to both the coworking space and coffee shop. My continual goal is to provide the highest level of hospitality possible. 

I really believe the best part of my role is the relationships I have built and helped foster in my community. People create the culture in any environment, whether positively or negatively, so the best part for me is putting smiles on peoples’ faces as they visit the café or attend an event in the coworking space. I pride myself in providing an atmosphere that people want to be around and want to come back to. This is specifically why my focus is heavily on the experience each patron has and what sets me apart from others in similar roles. 

Steve making coffee

The rest of Steve's Interview can be read HERE! Check it out to learn what challenges Steve's faced, how he overcame them, learn more about what Steve does on a day to day basis and also get some books, apps and podcasts recemendations from the man himeself!