Enterprise Coworking Community Spotlight: Josh Luetkemeyer, Owner of Mighty Dog Roofing

This month Diana sits down with Josh, owner of Mighty Dog Roofing, one of our newest members at Enterprise Coworking in RiNo. We discuss how these roofers are changing the game of roofing to bring a trustworthy service to Denver!



[00:00:03] Diana: Hey, guys, welcome to another community spotlight featuring our one and only mighty dog roofing team. I'm here with Josh Luetkemeyer, owner of Mighty Dog Roofing. He's here to tell us a little bit about the team and what's going on with them. So, Josh, tell me a little bit about your company and what you guys do.

[00:00:21] Josh: Well, thanks for the invite, Diana. First of all, glad to be here and glad to speak to everybody. So mighty dog roofing. We are brand new to the Denver area. Mighty Dog Roofing is a national brand, soon to be the largest national roofing company in the United States, probably within the next two years. And myself and my business partner, Robert, have just recently opened the Denver branch. So we are growing, scaling and trying to move this business as fast as possible in probably the best time of year here in Denver. Hail season, as we all know. And so just over the last weekend.

[00:00:56] Diana: So those were big.

[00:00:59] Josh: Huge, yes.

[00:01:01] Diana: So how long have you guys been in business for?

[00:01:03] Josh: Yeah. So the Mighty Dog Nationwide Company has been around for about 20 years, so they have been expanding West And my business partner and I jumped on the opportunity to open up the Denver market, which, unbeknownst to us coming from outside of the roofing industry, is actually known as the hail capital of the United States. So there are more roofers here per capita than any other city in the country. So our competition is strong. So we really need to define ourselves in a different way and come at this with a different approach to to be successful. But we're ready for that challenge.

[00:01:38] Diana: Yeah, which leads us to our next question perfectly. What makes your company different from other companies in your same field?

[00:01:45] Josh: Yeah, yeah, that's great. And we love talking about that because, you know, my business partner and I, we come from corporate America. We work for Fortune 500 companies with a real focus on consumer customer satisfaction and client centered relationships. And we're really trying to bring that into the roofing industry. You know, the the roofing industry has had some really bad reviews, I think probably since forever. And one of the most recent reviews that we read in the last month was out of all the home contractors you can work with, whether it's painters or landscapers or construction, whatever it is, roofers ranked absolutely last on customer satisfaction. So very, very unencouraging, I think, for us to to have that reputation, but also, I think an opportunity for us to change the perspective there and something that we're very much willing to do and want to do. And we've assembled a team of of true experts, MBA graduates in marketing graduates, engineering engineers and other guys with degrees there. So we're really coming at it from a different angle, I think, in trying to not just how can we fix a roof, how can we repair a leak, but what are the bigger problems that homeowners are dealing with? And as a homeowner, you know, we deal with those same things. So more and more for us is about how do we engage the client in the issues they're having rather than just trying to slap on something above their heads.

[00:03:14] Diana: That's so awesome. You guys are great. So why do you guys choose Enterprise Coworking as your coworking home?

[00:03:20] Josh: Well, can I say it was the rooftop? Probably. I think that was a major sell for us, one of the best rooftop patios in the game in Denver, no doubt. But we we did our diligence here. I mean, we searched around the city. We went to every coworking space possible. We looked at other corporate and commercial spaces that are standalone. And, you know, I think after we had a pros and cons sheet, we went down on ten different criteria. And it really did boil down to enterprise meeting everything that we needed. It was the most value for the money. It was the the best space possible. I mean, talk about lighting. You know, we're in a space that has so many windows, a lot of these places, we're almost like they're underground. The community here is amazing. I had the the good fortune of coming here quite often for the entrepreneur organization. So I had come here very frequently and had known the building and some of the people. And, you know, it's just it sells itself. So we're very happy to be here. We're looking forward to grow here. And we feel like enterprise can meet our needs of an expanding team. So we're pumped. We love it here.

[00:04:26] Diana: That makes me so happy to hear. Speaking directly to our viewers, What would you like them to know about your team?

[00:04:33] Josh: Oh, awesome. Well, guys, I want you to know that as new roofers to the area, not just Enterprise, but the Greater RiNo community, the greater Denver City metropolitan area, we want to be here and known to you as a good neighbor. And in that spirit, we would like to offer anybody who's watching this a free drone inspection. What's different? One of the things that is different about our company is that instead of getting out big ladders and having some guy crawl around on your roof. Which actually does a lot more damage. We will we have FAA certified pilots that will fly a drone over your roof to a full 3D scan and let you know if there's any damage you should be concerned with or do before and afters for storm protection, et cetera. And we're going to offer that for free for anybody here in the community.

[00:05:19] Diana: Wow. What a hook up.

[00:05:23] Josh: Yeah, it's our pleasure.

[00:05:25] Diana: Yeah. Since moving into Enterprise not too long ago, we have just loved having you guys part of our community. Your team brings such a great energy into our space and we're so excited to see you guys grow with us. If you would like to connect with the Mighty Dog team, you can reach them at swdenver@mightydogroofing.com or swing by their office to see their friendly faces and meet in person. Thanks so much for tuning in, guys.

[00:05:49] Josh: Thanks, guys.