Enterprise Coworking Community Spotlight: Karyn Savory, Founder of Sweet & Savory Designs

This month Lauren sits down with Karyn Savory to talk about her brand Sweet & Savory Designs, how her company came to be, and how she made a home at Enterprise Coworking Greenwood Village.



[00:00:03] Lauren: Hello and welcome back to Enterprise Coworking, community spotlight. This month, we're talking to Karen Savory with sweet and savory designs. Karen, thank you so much for sitting down virtually with us today, talking about your company,

[00:00:15] Karyn: Of course, excited to be here.

[00:00:17] Lauren: So why don't we start off by having you tell us a little bit about Sweet & Savory designs and what you do?

[00:00:25] Karyn: Absolutely. All right. Well, sweet and savory designs. Oh, gosh. Where did he even begin? I love food. I'm a graphic designer. So I decided why not create a company around what I love to do, but what was more the reason for it? I wouldn't say the reason, but what felt like fate is my last name is savory. And then an even cooler part of the story is my grandmother's maiden name was sweet. So there is just a lot of family celebration to be had here, so with my grandma marrying sweet marrying a Savery, I just feel like I was a perfect flavor combination for a really fruitful and delicious career.

[00:01:16] Lauren: Sounds like fate for sure.

[00:01:18] Karyn: Yes. So I specifically work with businesses in the food and beverage industry so that anyone restaurants, food trucks, caterers, food retail markets, grocers and then as well as consumer packaged goods. So really any products, food or beverage as well as distilleries, breweries, you name it, if it's food or beverage related, I am on it.

[00:01:46] Lauren: That's great. So how long have you been in business?

[00:01:51] Karyn: I have been in business. I just hit my two-year mark, so I started in April twenty nineteen and it's been quite a roller coaster and all the best ways possible. I mean, I'm sure most of us here at Enterprise, we're all entrepreneurs or solopreneurs and it's just an exciting time and definitely growing and getting involved with the community. Definitely a part of a few food and beverage related groups in the area. So I love connecting and meeting anybody, really, because everybody loves food. Beverage, you'd hope. I hope so. But I do. I forgot to mention that as far as. In their business. I'd love to talk to you because logo design is just one of those really exciting things that I love being a part of from the ground up and really creating that vision and the personality of your brand, your company and what you're trying to put out in the world. So love that. And then packaging and illustration and kind of the other two things that I really focus on and I really enjoy doing. So just just to backtrack on that a little bit there.

[00:03:10] Luren: So what would you say makes your company different from other companies in your field?

[00:03:16] Karyn: It's a great question. Well, I know there are a lot of freelance designers out there and then there's a lot of marketing agencies and design firms, so I would say I'm unique in the sense that I feel like I'm right there in the middle. I am a solopreneur, but you're getting the quality and the value of a design firm and the connections that you would with a marketing agency. So I've got all these people for the things that I may not do as well, like website design or copywriting. I've got all those connections to other wonderful, amazing creative talent. So it becomes a really great, supportive, collaborative atmosphere when you work with me. As far as logo design, I'll put it out there. I'm kind of crazy. I with my logo packages, I provide. Unlimited revisions, and you know, I just I stand by what I do, and I want you guys, whoever my clients are, to be proud of their logo. And that's just the most important thing for me is to make them happy and really love what they put out in the world. So those are a couple of things. Other than that, my goal is just delight my clients and have fun and share this journey with them for, you know, they've got a delicious food dream and I want to make it happen. So I become your cheerleader and your partner in this dream and in this journey. And we know and there as a friend as well. So it's a very fun environment.

[00:04:47] Lauren: Great. That's great. I love being a friend and therefore you. I love that everyone. So why did you choose Enterprise coworking?

[00:04:58] Karyn: Yes. Well, so the biggest thing is I work with another four or five girls here that are all also solopreneurs, entrepreneurs start their own businesses and we've just been in it together for the last couple of years and I couldn't imagine moving anywhere without them, even though we all own completely separate businesses. We were looking for a place that we could grow together, and Enterprise was definitely that super fun vibe, open space. And it just feels like exactly where we need to be to just really grow our businesses. And of course, with you, Lauren, we love having you at the front desk all the time.

[00:05:39] Lauren: Thank you. And then have you guys here, you're really livened up our space

[00:05:45] Karyn: Where the party people say, I'm not sorry

[00:05:51] Lauren: So last question. Speaking directly to our viewers, is there anything else that you would like to know about you, about your favorite designs that.

[00:06:05] Karyn: Well. I'm always open to meet new people. I love sitting down and coffee or even a cocktail and just getting to know new people. I'm happy to learn about your business, see if I can help in any way. The food and beverage is my bread and butter. I definitely love working with various industries and I've worked with all of them in the past everywhere from health care to to government and non-profit. So if you have some marketing or branding questions, feel free to come and ask me. I'm always happy to chat. And then, you know, let's just say I don't really have anything many people love.

[00:06:47] Lauren: Hey, that's the name of the game in Coworking right

[00:06:49] Karyn: Away. I know. Let's just hope that we can stop wearing masks. Back back to normal. But it is exciting.

[00:06:59] Lauren: We're all for sure. Well, I just want to thank you so much for sitting down with me today, telling me about Sweet & Savory designs to our viewers all about that. Like I said, we are so happy, so glad to have you as part of our community. So if anybody would like some more information on Sweden, three designs, you can visit their website at Sweet & Savory Designs dot com, or you can contact Karen in the hallway or I'll just leave you so much.

[00:07:31] Karen. thank you. This is great. Have a good day.