Enterprise Coworking Community Spotlight: InPlace Software

This month in April, Diana sat down and got to know Amy Fedders, Client Training Manager of InPlace Software Solutions. InPlace connects students with the workplace through easy-to-use and flexible management software. They offer the most comprehensive and customizable enterprise solution to efficiently streamline the student placement process for Higher Education.


Diana: [00:00:04] Hi everyone. Welcome to another enterprise community spotlight. This month in April, we're getting to know more about the InPlace Software team. I'm here with Amy Fedders, client training manager of InPlace Software. Amy is going to tell us all about the crew today. So, Amy, tell us a little bit about the company and what you guys do.


Amy: [00:00:24] Well, thank you for the introduction. I appreciate it. InPlace Software is an integrated learning placement solution for universities. We connect students with quality, relevant workplace learning experiences through an easy and flexible management system. Our software handles everything from lining up these experiences to logging and grading with the students experiences and everything in between. Here in the Denver office, we have our support team and some of our business analysts who help deploy our product, and a few others of us, including myself and Tammy, who's our senior director of sales.


Diana: [00:01:02] That's excellent. How long have you guys been in business for?


Amy: [00:01:06] Well, InPlace Software has been in business for 13 years now and we've been in the US for about six and our US team just keeps growing at an amazing rate. So with how much we're growing, we just really look forward to continuing this positive impact that we're making on the health care and education markets.


Diana: [00:01:23] That's so, so, so awesome. So what makes InPlace different from other similar companies in your field?


Amy: [00:01:31] Well InPlace Software is different from our competitors and other companies in our field because we're configurable, comprehensive and adaptive. We understand that all of our clients have unique workflows, processes and requirements, and our software allows our clients to configure their experience to meet their needs. We also have one of the most robust placement softwares on the market that allows for the entire placement process to be managed with just our one system start to finish. So in this ever changing world, we can quickly adapt to the new demands and requirements that our clients face, such as this ever changing COVID requirements that surround health care and education. But I do have to say that as a spreadsheet junkie myself, I am personally impressed with our reporting capabilities. It's not just a standard set of reports that we have within our system. We also have this really awesome query tool that allows our clients to pull basically any data that they put in. So that's something that really sets us apart.


Diana: [00:02:33] Wow, I love that. Customizable is something that I could see as being part of your tool would be awesome.


Amy: [00:02:41] Everybody's unique, everybody's different, and they're looking for different things. That's why we really like to set it up so it's different puzzle pieces they can put together within our system.


Diana: [00:02:52] That's excellent. So switching it up a little bit, why did your team choose Enterprise Coworking to be your coworking home?


Amy: [00:03:00] Well, we did a lot of looking around town and we decided to make Enterprise Coworking our home because of the culture and environment that already exists when we walk into the building. You guys have so many vast amenities that far exceeded what we were looking for and not going to lie the attentive and welcoming staff just was like the cherry on top. We want our team to enjoy coming to work and you guys help us make that happen. So I'm not, you know, I'll throw a little few extra things in here. Like one of our favorite things is the kitchen. We use it all the time for our team lunches and potlucks. Probably the second favorite thing is the ping pong table. We currently have our very own Bri and Tim competing in this year's doubles ping pong tournament as the one hit wonders.


Diana: [00:03:54] I have a feeling they're going to take the whole trophy this year.


Amy: [00:03:58] I sure hope so. I mean, they better.


Diana: [00:04:01] It's going to be very fun to see who wins the tournament. I don't know. I just love seeing the doggies of your team come in to work. They love it here.


Amy: [00:04:13] Oh, they do!


Diana: [00:04:14] Penny, she's so cute.


Amy: [00:04:17] Penny's adorable. Nemi loves coming to work, but she's scared of the slippery floor.


Diana: [00:04:23] I don't blame her.


Amy: [00:04:26] But that's okay. We have carpet in certain areas, so she's good.


Diana: [00:04:30] The sweetest little doggies. So speaking directly to our viewers, what would you like them to know about your company?


Amy: [00:04:37] Well, I have to say that we have an amazingly fun team and they're all very hardworking individuals, and we really do love being a part of this community. So it would be great to connect with many of you, even though we already have met a lot of you already. So feel free to stop by, say hi, and challenge us to something fun.

Diana: [00:04:58] I love it. Well, thank you so much, Amy. I really enjoyed getting to know you and your team more. Your team is excellent and we're so happy to have you part of our community. If you'd like to connect with Amy or InPlace, you can always swing by their office on the lower level. They're super friendly, and I know they would love if you said hello. All right. Thanks, Amy.