Enterprise Coworking Community Spotlight: Foothills CPR

 This month Lauren sat down with Deanna Livengood, owner of Foothills CPR
Deanna is passionate about teaching people the lifesaving skills needed to be effective and calm in emergency situations.

She has over 20 years of experience as a paramedic in emergency departments, intensive care units, and ambulance environments (3 years in Atlanta, 10 years in the Minneapolis area, and 7 years in the Denver area). So she knows from lots of first-hand experience the effectiveness of immediate interventionssimple skills can have dramatic results.
Foothills CPR offers an array of classes that can be viewed here. These include basic CPR/AED, new parent or caregiver CPR, BLS for healthcare providers, renewals, and more!


LAUREN: [00:00:03] Hello and welcome back to Enterprise Coworking Community Spotlight. This month we are sitting down with my good friend, Deanna Livengood, owner of Foothills CPR. Deanna, thank you so much for sitting down with me today and telling me a little bit about your company.


DEANNA: [00:00:19] You bet!


LAUREN: [00:00:21] So let's get right into it. Why don't you tell us a little bit about Foothills CPR and what you do.


DEANNA: [00:00:29] We teach CPR to anybody who wants to learn. I have been a paramedic for over 20 years working in emergency and critical care. And then I have always trained people as part of my job. Then a couple of years ago, I went into business and education when I stepped back from patient care. I have a cohort we teach CPR, first aid, bloodborne pathogens, and then we keep certifications up that are required by the state for us medical providers.


LAUREN: [00:01:10] Very cool, very important stuff. So how long have you been in business?


DEANNA: [00:01:16] Started in 2019. So I'm still a baby business.


LAUREN: [00:01:23] So what makes CPR different from other people offering the same services in your field?


DEANNA: [00:01:31] It can actually be kind of cumbersome and daunting for people to find the right course. There's different certifying agencies. It's hard to find an instructor or a training center just in general. So especially for us as health care providers, we need specialized training, but also for lay-people and babysitters and things like that. The cool thing about us is we are pretty centrally located. We have frequent classes scheduled. Our classes are individualized. So when I know what somebody is looking for, we we can accommodate that. I'm really familiar with what the requirements are, so for each individual situation, so I can direct people to what the most appropriate training would be for them.


LAUREN: [00:02:28] Awesome. That's great. You streamline the process for everybody.


DEANNA: [00:02:32] I definitely streamline the process and I individualize as much as I can.


LAUREN: [00:02:38] That's perfect. That's important. So one of my favorite questions, Why did you choose Enterprise Coworking?


DEANNA: [00:02:47] It is a really, really great central location, which I was really pleasantly surprised by as far as being in the city of Denver. Nobody's really had trouble getting here. Also, we can also teach and we do down in Greenwood Village. I've always felt that a coworking space was a great option for us as a growing business. Obviously, overhead is really easy to budget for commitment phobic people. While we get established and explore whether or not brick and mortar is the way to go, this has been an awesome option for us.


LAUREN: [00:03:34] And we love to have you here. So our last question, speaking directly to our viewers, is there anything else that you would like them to know? Want to tell them about you, about the company?


DEANNA: [00:03:49] Just come and learn. I feel really strongly that this CPR is a important skill to know. Anybody can learn it as long as you can pound on a chest. I, as a paramedic, know that it's exponentially more helpful if I show up to a scene and somebody has already started doing the bare minimum. It's not complicated. It's not hard to learn. But but you can absolutely save lives if you just know two skills.


LAUREN: [00:04:24] Yeah. Very important skills to know. Yes, very important. All right. Awesome. Well, thank you so much again for sitting down with me today, letting everybody know a little bit about what you do. I know some of some of our members over here in RiNo have walked some questions...


DEANNA: [00:04:46] Bodies everywhere.


LAUREN: [00:04:48] You see a couple of them back there. Well, we are so lucky to have you as a member here at Enterprise Coworking. If anybody would like to contact Deanna, set up a class, learn these super important skills, you can visit her website at FHCPR.com. Thanks, Deanna.


DEANNA: [00:05:13] Thanks.