Enterprise Coworking Community Spotlight: Fintegrity Accounting

This month Lauren sat down with Marc Bencivenni, COO for Fintegrity Accounting. Many businesses with $200k – $20M in revenue need financial strategy and operations but without the full-time salaries of a Controller and accounting team. Fintegrity empowers businesses to reach their full financial potential by providing unparalleled expertise, personalized solutions, and a relentless drive for excellence in all aspects of financial management. They are a trusted partner, guiding their clients towards financial success and peace of mind.


Lauren: [00:00:02] Hello and welcome back to Enterprise Coworking Community Spotlight. This month we are talking to Marc Bencivenni, COO of Fintegrity Accounting. Marc, thank you so much for sitting down with me today.


Marc: [00:00:16] Thanks for having me.


Lauren: [00:00:18] Awesome. So let's get into this. Tell us a little bit about Fintegrity Accounting and what you guys do.


Marc: [00:00:25] Sure. So Fintegrity Accounting provides affordable, outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services to companies in the US and Canada. In addition to those basic accounting functions, we also do software implementation, tax and audit preparation and also financial consulting. So our mission is to provide businesses with affordable and specialized accounting services based on their needs.


Lauren: [00:00:58] Nice. Nice. A lot of services offered. That's great. So how long have you guys been in business? You're pretty new, right?


Marc: [00:01:06] Well, as a standalone company, we've only been in business for a few months, but we've been performing accounting services on behalf of our asset management clients for about five years. And then this past December, we finally hit a tipping point where we had more clients for accounting than asset management. So we decided to spin out Fintegrity and really start marketing it.


Lauren: [00:01:31] Cool. You saw a need and you gave them a solution. I like that. So what makes Fintegrity different from other companies in your field?


Marc: [00:01:45] So I think our difference is experience and cost. So over the last 15 years, my partners and I have founded and grown a few different companies in a variety of different industries private equity, real estate, consulting, renewable energy. So we have a pretty broad range of experience. And addition to that,because we've founded small companies, we understand how difficult it is to, you know, try to grow but also manage your budget. So that's where we come in and we can provide accounting services at a fraction of the cost of hiring even just one new employee. And we think that's really valuable to people.


Lauren: [00:02:34] Absolutely. Yeah, I know that there's definitely some companies that could use that for sure at Enterprise. Um, here's a fun one. Why did you choose Enterprise Coworking? You've been here for a little while now.


Marc: [00:02:48] Yeah, yeah. So we chose Enterprise because community is really important to us and I think you guys do a great job of fostering that community. So getting people together with networking events and just being able to communicate with people on a casual level rather than in meetings or formal setting is really great. Plus, you guys offer a lot of great services and support, so we really like it here.


Lauren: [00:03:15] Awesome. Yeah, we love having you guys here for sure. Um, so last question. Is there anything else that you want us to know about Fintegrity? You know, anything for the community and our viewers to know about you or the business?


Marc: [00:03:34] Sure. Well, first of all, we're we're good people, so, you know, reach out to us and we're here to answer any questions and we can let you know if we can help you or not. But I think one thing that I like to tell people who may think, you know, we've got accounting covered or we already have a CPA firm that we work with, is that, you know, by working with us, we can actually help you in ways that you might not be thinking about. So if you're a small business and you're doing the accounting yourself or you have one employee doing the accounting, you're taking your time away from running your business just to do the books. And we can do that at a really cost effective way for you so that you can focus on the business. If you're trying to expand and grow and you think you need to hire 1 or 2 more accounting or bookkeepers, you know, we can take on that work for you so that you don't have to add that added cost and you can put more money into your business. And if you already work with a CPA firm, you know, that's a really expensive way to do your books. We can work with you and your CPA firm to do the majority of the grunt work at a at a cheaper rate. And then you know, still get everything done with your CPA for tax season and all that good stuff. So, you know, there's just a lot of different ways we can imagine working together, um, and save everyone money and help you grow your business.


Lauren: [00:05:01] Awesome. Yeah. I mean, this is one of the most asked questions I get from members is do we know how a CPA in the building? Is there an accounting firm in the building?


Lauren: [00:05:10] So this is really great to get that out to the community that you guys are right here, maybe right next door.


Marc: [00:05:17] Yeah, we're going to have to get that sign on the door.


Lauren: [00:05:20] Yes, absolutely. We can do that. All right. Well, Marc, thank you for sitting down with us briefly telling us about Fintegrity Accounting. We're happy to have you guys as members. As always, if anybody would like some more information, you can go to www.fintegrityaccounting.com or you can reach out to Marc directly at marc@fintegrityaccounting.com. Thanks, Marc.


Marc: [00:05:56] Thanks so much. Appreciate it.


Lauren: [00:05:58] Thank you.