Executive Suites in Denver: The coworking option

Coworking isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about executive office space. In fact, it’s a commonly overlooked option! The reason could be that there just isn’t enough buzz around coworking and more established companies. We think of startups, entrepreneurs, fast growing companies, bootstrapped businesses and freelancers, but often we forget to highlight the fact that larger, more established companies are moving into coworking office space. Companies such as Verizon, IBM, Microsoft…they’ve begun to move smaller, satellite office branches, such as executive suites, into coworking spaces. And it makes sense for so many reasons!

Still, we see most older executives overlooking the more creative office spaces in Denver for what they consider more “professional” and “traditional” options. So, in a grand attempt to sway the opinions of decision makers throughout Denver and America, here’s why coworking could be a great option for your executive team.

denver executive suite

Executives Need to be Creative

Creativity isn’t some rare skill unique to the graphic designers and blog writers of the business world. One might argue that the executive team needs to be the most creative of the bunch! These are the decision makers, the big picture framers, the problem solvers. The executive team comes up with creative business solutions on a day-to-day basis.

An executive suite in a coworking space positions the executives in the perfect environment to solve problems. There are endless minds at your disposal to bounce new ideas off and gain feedback. These are people not directly competing with you or your company—people from different industries, educations, and backgrounds. These are people that can bring new light to the ways you are used to doing things. And they’re your neighbors! Invite your fellow community members for a coffee meeting and let your minds race toward that creative solution.

Coworking Executive Suites are Private

Don’t let the word ‘coworking’ fool you. It doesn’t always mean that the entire facility is a bunch of first-come-first-serve desks where you can’t hear yourself think and you have no privacy. Most coworking spaces, including Enterprise Coworking, have a number of private office suites with different sizes and locations within the building. Need that 4-person executive suite with a corner office view? We have that!

coworking executive suite

Private suites are becoming the norm of coworking, and it’s the fact that they are surrounded by a vibrant coworking community, great amenities and events, that makes these suites all-the-better.

Executive Suites Can be Close to the Team

What we are seeing more and more of inside our space is larger companies moving into large suites within coworking spaces, and then having an additional smaller executive suite within the same building/on the same floor/directly next to the large team suite. This allows the executive team to stay close with their company, not necessarily to keep tabs and micromanage, but to retain strong relationships with their team, while having their own space to work…while being able to enjoy all the perks of coworking.

Contrast to the big teams, we also are seeing more executives setting up in private suites while having lower-level employees or smaller departments work as floater (hot desk) members. This cuts down on costs drastically!

Executives Need to Let Loose

Now for the fun stuff. By investing in an executive suite within a coworking space, executives are privy to all of the ‘perks’ most people enjoy inside coworking spaces. I’m talking about free beer, ping pong, shuffleboard, but also about networking events, parties, happy hours and so much more. If the social aspect isn’t convincing you, then think about the other amenities many coworking spaces offer. Gyms, rooftop yoga, cafes, lounge space—this is all available to you with your membership.

Most coworking spaces are located in great locations. While you can argue that this can be the same for a traditional office, coworking spaces have great partnerships with local businesses such as restaurants, bars, breweries, gyms and more. Not only may you meet some of these local business owners at coworking events, but you’ll be offered great deals on local products and services.

Executives Need Support

An executive assistant is great and all, if it’s in the budget. In a coworking space, the community managers are your go-to resource for most of your office and technical needs. No, they won’t respond to emails for you or run out and get your lunch, but they are there to make sure you are set up with everything you need to conduct business—from internet, to phone setup, checking in visitors, organizing mail, and organizing community events. With the service and support of community managers, it will allow you to maintain that professional look while cutting the costs that come with hiring one or multiple people to perform the same support tasks.

Executives Need Flexibility Too

Like any team, the executive team goes through periods of growth. You decided to promote your Marketing Manager to CMO and now need a larger office to fit him? No problem. The flexible lease options of coworking means you aren’t locked into lengthy contracts. It’s easy for us to bump you up to a 6-person suite if the 4-person suite is no longer viable. And likewise, if your team shrinks in size, we’ll bump you to a smaller one. All of this is done hassle-free.

Executives Need to Continue Learning Too

You’re the head honcho. The CEO. You have a long history in the business from which you’ve learned all your skills, developed your relationships, and blazed ahead. But does this mean you’re done learning? Can no one teach you a new skill, a new system, a new way of thinking? Nonsense. The coworking space can provide a great learning experience for an executive of a company. Weekly and monthly educational seminars are a great way to learn what’s new and up-and-coming in the business world. Moreover, learning from fellow community members can be even more valuable.

What we’re trying to drive home to the leadership of mid to larger sized businesses is that, when searching for a new space for your Denver executive office, is to keep coworking in mind. Coworking is a great way to control costs while staying flexible, all the while maintaining an air of professionalism. For more questions on coworking, don’t hesitate to contact us at membership@enterprisecoworking.com, or schedule a tour of our facilities!