Enterprise Coworking Community Spotlight: Dorsey Pictures

This month Amy sat down with Amy Dorsey, the owner, CEO, and managing director of Dorsey Pictures.
Dorsey Pictures is a full-service television production and marketing solutions company specializing in television programming suitable for cable, broadcast, broadband, and video. Dorsey Pictures is the largest independent producer of the highest rated proprietary shows and retains that leadership position through an industry best business model that combines a unique combination of best-in-class creative and production services.
Their Emmy winning production company staff has contributed to a variety of television networks including The History Channel, CNN, ESPN, ESPN2, Spike, TNN, HGTV, DIY, National Geographic, Nat Geo Wild, Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, Travel, Discovery, Destination America, and Velocity as well as print properties ranging from Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, National Geographic, Field & Stream, Outdoor Life, and American Hunter. We continually look to create innovative broadcast solutions that help bring brands to life.


AMY HARROLD: [00:00:03] All right. Welcome back to our Enterprise Coworking Community Spotlight. I'm Amy Harrold. I'm the community manager at our Greenwood Village location. And I'm really excited. This month, I'm going to be talking to one of our newest members out here, Amy Dorsey, who is the managing director of Dorsey Pictures. Now I have to add on to the introduction for you. You guys are, let's see, one of the largest producers of outdoor adventure television and some of the shows just from doing a little background for you guys Building off the Grid, Building Alaska, Accident Suicide or Murder on Oxygen. I'm, like, the biggest fan of true crime, so love that. And then, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Like a new show called Dog's Most Wanted. And then you guys have shows on several different networks History Channel, Discovery, HGTV, Oxygen, National Geographic, Nat Geo Wild, Destination America, Travel, etcetera. Like amazing little introduction for you guys. So I am thrilled to talk to you. And our members have been peeking like who is in that office. So thank you again for sitting down with me. So Amy, tell me a little bit about the company and what you guys do and your role.


AMY DORSEY: [00:01:48] Well, thanks, Amy. That was a great introduction. You kind of did my work for me there. But yes, Dorsey Pictures has been around for about 20 years now, and we do reality television. As you mentioned, we have outdoor adventure shows. We do a lot in the build and renovation space for Magnolia and used to be DIY and HGTV. We love true crime. We do a lot in the true crime space, and we have a film division as well called Mission Partners Entertainment Group, and we produce full length Imax natural history films as well.


AMY HARROLD: [00:02:29] So cool.


AMY DORSEY: [00:02:30] We are so happy to be here in our new space in Greenwood Village, we moved from Castle Rock. It's just a much more centrally located area for our employees. Although most of our guys are out in the field or in a studio somewhere and doing that, so they're back and forth. So your space allows us to have enough space, but not too much space for when people are in the office and we're just happy to be here. So I am the managing director. I'm also the owner CEO, along with my husband, Chris Dorsey.


AMY HARROLD: [00:03:04] Amazing. Let's see, you guys, you were saying have been in the business for 20 plus years.


AMY DORSEY: [00:03:13] I don't want to give away my age, but let's just say 20 plus years. Yeah. Amazing. Yes. So very long time. Yes.


AMY HARROLD: [00:03:20] Is there anything that sets you guys apart from other companies or, you know, in Denver and the film production community like locally, maybe you can talk about.


AMY DORSEY: [00:03:38] Yeah, I'd like to say that we, we do specialize in outdoor adventure. That's what we know. If it's in the wild, you know, you most networks look to Dorsey to produce that type of content. There are some other major I don't know if everyone knows this, but there are some other production companies, major production companies here in Denver. There is there's one called Citizen Pictures. They do a lot in the food space, and then there's one called High Noon. And they also do a lot of home renovation shows. But we we started out in LA more than 20 years ago and then decided that, my goodness, everybody's on an airplane anyway. We love the outdoors. We love Denver. So we brought things to Denver. You can just as easily drive out to DIA as LAX and get on a plane and go do what you need to do. I think what makes us unique, however, is our connection with the middle of the country. So we're not in LA, we're not in New York. While we do have an office in both places, very small, just to keep up with our network connections there. We like being in the heartland. We like being in Middle America. We find better talent in the middle of the country and just the connections are far better for us here.


AMY HARROLD: [00:05:04] Interesting. When I saw that you guys were one of the largest producers of the outdoor adventure kind of programs, you know, it kind of clicked and made a lot of sense to me that you guys must be lovers of that and hence living in Colorado where, you know you're spoiled.


AMY DORSEY: [00:05:27] Absolutely and also, I will tell you, being in Colorado has been a great recruiting asset. We talk to folks all the time who are jealous that we get to not only live here, but work here and make it all work. And they would like to be here as well. So, you know, a lot of times we get asked like, how can you find production people to work in Denver? And it's like, we have no problem recruiting for folks to come and work out of a Denver location.


AMY HARROLD: [00:05:58] That's awesome. Um, and. I know a little bit about some like film industry stuff in Denver, and I know there is a pretty big community for that.


AMY DORSEY: [00:06:10] There is, you know, and I would say all aspects there is there's a lot of advertising, commercial kind of production that happens. That's not one of our specialties, but there is a lot of that in in the Denver area. There is a lot of television production. I'm not as familiar with the the film production community. You know, our partners are primarily in Toronto and Los Angeles for those types of things, but I will take your word for it. I'm sure there's a lot of that going on here as well. So.


AMY HARROLD: [00:06:44] Awesome. Let's see. And then what made you guys choose Enterprise?


AMY DORSEY: [00:06:52] Well, we interviewed, I interviewed, we toured and interviewed a lot of different spaces. We liked the location. We liked you. We love this space. The energy here, it's light. It's bright. There's a lot of interesting people here. And it just it felt like a good fit. So there was a three person kind of selection team that came from Dorsey and looked at a lot of different spaces. And it was a unanimous decision that Enterprise was was to be our new home.


AMY HARROLD: [00:07:25] Well, that's great. I love hearing that. Thank you so much. And, um, yeah, we're just excited to have you guys on board. And, um, you know, one, I think you're going to be a great group to have in the building. I think people are, you know, interested to meet some of you and learn more about the company and what you guys do. So, yeah, this is great. Thank you.


AMY DORSEY: [00:07:50] Looks like there's a lot of opportunity for collaboration here, so thank you for having us.


AMY HARROLD: [00:07:55] Um, one last thing. If speaking directly to all of our viewers that watch our spotlight here, is there anything you want to tell them about your company? Or maybe some up and coming things you might have in the works that you want to talk about?


AMY DORSEY: [00:08:12] Sure. So our next Imax film is called Secrets of the Great Salt Lake. We're in production with that now. I think everyone will be fascinated, as I was, to learn all about the secrets of the Great Salt Lake. So many things are happening out there that impact not only the environment and the climate, but just some very interesting things. So look out for that. In 2024 is a premiere. We have a brand new series on the Weather Channel called Search Party with Brandon Jordan. It's about all about underwater treasure hunting. So that's exciting. And then Maine Cabin Masters is coming back for its 15th season. So we're thrilled about that. But what I would say to the community is we're always looking for great ideas. We're always looking for great talent. So if you know some quirky individuals that you think are made for television, give us a call. We'd love to hear about it.


AMY HARROLD: [00:09:12] Okay. Thank you so much. I can't wait to watch the the thing about the Salt Lake that sounds really interesting. Such a weird place. I mean, it's beautiful, but it's beautiful.


AMY DORSEY: [00:09:25] Very different.


AMY HARROLD: [00:09:27] Very different. Exactly. Um, All right, Amy Dorsey, thank you so much again for sitting down with me and introducing yourself and your your company to the community here. Um, you can look them up on, on the website dorseypictures.tv If you want to look into more of the programs that they produce. Um and yeah keep you know, if you have any good ideas, shoot Amy an email.


AMY DORSEY: [00:10:00] All right.


AMY HARROLD: [00:10:00] Thanks, Amy.


AMY HARROLD: [00:10:01] Thank you so much. All right. That's it for our community spotlight. We'll see you next time. Thanks. Bye.