community spotlight: Jason from Ratio Beerworks

For our first ever community spotlight video, we sit down with Jason from our RiNo neighborhood brewery Ratio Beerworks to discuss how he came to Enterprise Coworking and what's going on with his business, including their upcoming 5-year anniversary party!



Hi I'm Diana Papa. I'm Senior Community Manager at Enterprise Coworking and welcome to the Enterprise Coworking Community Spotlight. This month we're talking to Jason one of the co-founders and beer masters of Ratio Beerworks. Jason, thanks for taking the time to sit down with me and talk about your company. You already answered the first question for me. Tell us a little bit about Ratio Beerworks and what you guys do.

So with the second word in our title, hopefully you can figure it out, but we do make beer. Yeah. So we brew beer just around the corner from here. And so onto the next one, we've been open for about five years. Valentine's Day will be our five year anniversary.

That's awesome.


Happy Valentine's Day. What makes your company different from other breweries in the field?

Well I'm assuming most people are from Denver so there is quite a boatload of breweries in Denver already. So it's a question we ask ourselves all the time. So we do try, besides the beer that we make, try to connect to some of the roots that we came from, music, my Co-partner and I. So we are trying to be an urban brewery and connected with community both through culture, arts, and music, and so it's a lot of things we support.

I think that's awesome. I've been to ratio brewery a couple of times and the vibe there, the energy of the crowd, and and your staff is just awesome.

Awesome thanks.

It's really great.

You heard it here first.

Could you tell us a little bit about why you chose Enterprise as your coworking home?

Yeah, the easy answer for sure is it's two blocks away from us and we're lazy and it's a lot easier to walk. It's also very loud over there, especially when we open, so it's a really quiet great space for us to come and get actual work done. So we love it, we definitely love that part.

Tell us more about why you love us {jokes}.

For sure, also the conference rooms you have are quiet, with us being in chaos sometimes over there (the brewery). I really love the staff here, they're very patient with me in particular as I like weekly ask the front desk "hey what floors the Cole Meeting Room."And they go. "It's on the wall. But let me tell you." {jokes}

So I struggle with that. I love Steve over at Rise [Cafe] giving gambling suggestions. If you're ever bored with your work, you just start gambling on sports. Who knew. That was awesome. Yep and snacks. So yeah, I love the snacks though and I love the secret places for everything. So you've got the free Red Bull down in that secret kitchen refrigerator and then everyone else at the front desk taken the spinny snacks. But the secret down in that weight room, the Slim Jims and the Kind Bars that go in there it's in the cabinet. Awesome. love it.

Awesome. It's really great to see you and your team use the conference rooms for your meetings every week it's really nice to see your whole team just using our space.

Oh good. Makes it look like we're working.

You guys are really fun members to have here. So speaking directly to our viewers, what would you like them to know about Ratio Beerworks? Anything coming up?

Yeah we do. Thanks. Yeah. Come visit us say hi but for sure. As I said It's our fifth anniversary which starts, well Friday is Valentine's Day, February 14th, is our five year but we have about five days of events starting on that Wednesday. Touring Comedy coming in and then Thursday what I'm holding here as a fun side thing we're gonna do our first can release ever of our King of Carrot Flowers beer in cans. It's limited we're not actually fully in cans yet but we thought it'd be a fun treat for our five year anniversary so only at the Tap Room. And then we have three days of shows. We flew in bands from Chicago and New York for Friday night. We have the Fat Records band Make War and Colin Massey playing along with a return of major sports. Some folks that work a ratio and some of the high dive crew. And then Saturday we flew in Joyce Manor, kind of the indie punk crew from L.A. and then they're going to do we're gonna do a brunch special intimate show on Sunday.

That's awesome. Fun events coming up! Thank you so much Jason for sitting down with me today and telling us a little bit more about ratio Beerworks. We're so excited to have you guys part of our community. And we're hoping to see big things from you in the future. So for more information on Ratio Beerworks, please visit their website at and make sure to taste their beer down in our Ratskeller keg!