community spotlight: Holly from Trustpilot

For our March Community Spotlight, we sit down with Holly from our largest RiNo member company Trustpilot to discuss the growing international business and how they came to find Enterprise Coworking as their Denver branch office! Trustpilot is the largest member company at Enterpise Coworking with 70+ employees and counting. They are a testament to how coworking can accomodate large multinational brands and coexist with smaller member companies inside a coworking community!



[00:00:00] Hello and welcome to Enterprise Co-working Community Spotlight. This month we're talking to Holly with Trust Pilot.


Hi, Holly. Thanks for being here. Let's kick it off with Holly. Won't you tell us a little bit about TrustPilot and what Trustpilot does?

Yes. So Trustpilot is the world's most trusted review platform. We were founded back in 2007 in Copenhagen, so we're headquartered in Denmark.
And we provide a platform for businesses and consumers to kind of engage online and just ensure that companies are trustworthy and that consumers are feeling like they're purchasing a good product.

[00:00:38] Awesome. How long have you been with trust pilot?

I just had my year anniversary last Wednesday.

Awesome. So you actually joined Trustpilott after they moved in the Enterprise? How many people did they have when you joined a year ago?

When I started in February, I think we were around 40 people. And now we're just at like 72. So we've almost doubled growing.

[00:01:05] And I know that you have plans to keep growing as well, too.

Definitely. Yeah. So we used to just be in one room upstairs, but we were kind of like sitting on top of each other at that point. There was not a lot of room to work. So we expanded upstairs, actually broke down a wall. Now we have the ability to move up to 100 people, which also is cool.

Yeah, having trust pilot in Enterprise has been so great. Watching them grow their team is because they have an opening up two of our largest suites to accommodate their team and there's just so much high energy up there. I feel like anytime I walk by there's music going and gongs go.

[00:01:38] Yeah, a basketball hoop. We've got like a putting green, a gong rings anytime sale closes and then we've got speakers all around. So it's a fun suite to be in.

Tell us a little bit about how to Trustpilot is different from some of the other competitors and similar in the same market.

[00:02:00] Yeah. So I think what makes transparant unique is that it's really a platform for both the business and the consumer. I feel like a lot of platforms are just for consumers to kind of kind of get information on what they're buying or like reviews of a certain place. But it really makes it easy for businesses to utilize them and make sure that, you know, the business is doing well and that the consumers are also happy.

Yeah, I know. When I'm when I'm on Google and just search around everyone's mind, we'll see. Trust by pop up and I know that's a good business.

Yeah. It's like once you I had never heard of it before I started. And now I feel like I see it everywhere. Yeah, it's like all about it. It's like all over there.

[00:02:38] Well, even though you weren't around when Trust Pilot originally moved over to Enterprise, can you shed a little insight on why Trust Pilot chose Enterprise?

Yeah. So before Enterprise brought another co-working space in Denver and it was just like parking was a big issue, which is like really alleviated here. There's so much parking parking lot and free parking around. So I think that was probably one of our biggest things that Enterprise helped us out with. But I think there's also just like it's a great location when we have visitors. RiNo's a really fun place to show them around. And it's like not the big city. It's kind of smaller. So it feels like a closer community. And we also kind of like the enterprise feels like a community. But we also have some autonomy upstairs totally because we are like such a large company. We are sometimes loud. So it's nice to kind of have our own space, our own doors, our own kind of everything within our walls. But then like the coffee downstairs and the events that Enterprise puts on, is really nice.

[00:03:36] That kind of leads me to my next question. I was gonna ask you personally, what's your favorite part about being an enterprise member?

I really like the front desk team. I think they're super helpful. Our New York office isn't in the co-working space and our office manager there just has like so much to deal with. Like, even when I'm not here, not with the office, I feel like the front desk will still take care of them. Like they know pretty much every single member.

[00:04:02] Shout out to the Community Managers, keep up the good work! And I actually think that kind of wraps it up for for my questions. Speaking directly to our audience, anything you want to share about trust pilot or something new and exciting coming up? Or just keep an eye out for trust pilot reviews.

Yeah. Just keep looking. We've got some really great companies that we're signing. So definitely use trust pilot if you're buying something online and make sure you're getting a good product.

[00:04:31] And we've got our our mugs here. Yeah. So nice mugs with a complimentary coffee, so cheers to Trustpilot!

Thanks, Holly.

Thank You.