Community Spotlight: Adam Kehl of Capital Fund 1

This month Lauren sits down with Enterprise Coworking Greenwood Village member Adam Kehl of Capital Fund 1 to discuss his role and company providing lending services to real estate investors.


Lauren: Hey, guys, welcome back to Enterprise Coworking Community Spotlight. This month, we're talking to Adam Kehl, the Colorado director of operations of Capital Fund 1. Adam, thank you for taking the time to virtually sit down with us and talk about your company. Thank you, Lauren. Absolutely. Let's get into it. So why don't you tell me a little bit about Capital Fund one and what exactly you guys do?


Adam: Sure. Yeah. So we are a real estate hard money lender. It sounds a lot worse than it really is. What it means is we provide real estate investment loans on any type of real estate property. For most of our loans, They tend to be older properties that need a little TLC. So we take some money, we put it in there and we help investors flip it so they can sell it for a profit. We're based in Scottsdale, Arizona, but we've expanded into Colorado. We also land in Texas and Oregon. Hard money gives real estate investors a competitive edge when making an offer. So it's essentially a cash offer with a quick close. We can fund in a much shorter time window, something like twenty four to 48 hours, depending on when people need the money and we don't underwrite the person at all. So if you're buying a property, we don't look at Lauren, we look at the property itself, what it's worth today and what it'll be worth once it's improved.


Lauren: Wow, that's really awesome. And so, how long have you guys been in business?


Adam: Yeah, our founders started the company in 2009 here in Phoenix on the heels of the Great Recession. He was a land developer at the time. So he would take tracts of land, buy them,entitle them, flip them to the big home builders so they could build out all the houses. After the Great Recession, He tried his hand in foreclosure, buying and flipping those, and he found that banks just weren't lending money. So he found this need for real estate investors that they needed capital. So he started the fund with some of his own cash. And since then, it's grown to one hundred and eighty million dollar fund. So in something like 11 years, we've had tremendous growth. And this has really allowed us to always have capital to fund any sort of deal. And we're now the largest private money lender in Arizona. So it's a it's worked out very well for him.


Lauren: Wow. That's an awesome story. I love that. So what makes your company different from other companies in your field.


Adam: Yeah, we have a unique competitive advantage in our speed of funding. So we have an in-house underwriting team that can take a property and give a real quote to somebody in twenty four hours. That goes over to our processing team where they can close that same loan in twenty four hours of titles ready to go. So most of our deals have a one week time period almost because of that. Speed and transparency have always been a couple of our strengths here. But we're we're also known for being very reliable. We've never missed a funding date. And we look at all of these properties through the lens of, you know, partner, if we were if we were looking at this, would we want to own it? And so we give honest feedback about these loans and we value it just like an investor would.


Lauren: That's great, honesty's the best policy. Love it. so why did you guys choose Enterprise Coworking?


Adam: Yeah, enterprise is great because it has two locations in twenty four hour access that's really big for us starting out. So one of our employees lives up near the RiNo location. So if he wants to go and work there for the day, he certainly can. And then the location of Greenwood Village, which is where our office is has a great central location near home builders, title companies and all sorts of the industries we want to be around. So we love it for that.


Lauren: We're so glad to have you guys for sure. So is there anything that you would like our viewers to know about Capital Fund One?


Adam: Yeah, we're here to be just another tool in an investor's tool belt. We give people the ability to put these cash three, five, 10 days close as is where is transactions together, And that really will let you stand out. Denver is a very competitive real estate market right now. And so being able to do that when you have a house that probably gets 10, offers yours with a quick five day close is really going to stand out because you're going to make it so easy for the seller to be able to take it, take the transaction nice and smooth and get done and out within a week. The system is really reshaped investment real estate in Phoenix. We fund 30 million a month here in Phoenix and Arizona, greater Arizona as a whole. And it's really reshaped the whole industry here.


Lauren: That's awesome. That's great.


Lauren: And thank you so much, Adam, for sitting down with us and telling us a little bit about Capital Fund one. We're really excited to have you as a company here at Enterprise Coworking. We hope to see big things from you in the future. For more information on Capital Fund one, you can visit their website at