Community Spotlight: Emily Wright of Smart City Locating

October's Community Spotlight brings Diana together with Emily Wright, Market Leader of Smart City Locating to talk about the company and their new Denver location inside Enterprise Coworking, how they came to find Enterprise as their home office, and more about the future of connecting renters with apartments through their hyper-personalized approach.


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Diana: Hey everyone, today I'm joined by Emily Wright, Market Leader with Smart City. Emily, thank you so much for joining me and the Enterprise community today to tell us more about your wonderful team. Tell us a bit about Smart City and what you guys do.

Emily: Yeah, so Smart City is a hyper-personalized apartment locating service, and we work with our clients so closely to find them the best deals in the city and served on a silver platter. So I am Denver's market leader. I've had the incredible opportunity to launch in Denver [00:00:30] from the ground up and we actually launched the beginning of May this year.

Diana: That's awesome. It's so cool. How long has Smart City been in business? Tell us a little bit of how you got started.

Emily: Yeah, so we launched in Austin of 2013 and it's kind of a funny story about how my CEO started Smart City. She wanted to go to luxury real estate, but realized that none of her friends were millionaires. So they were apartment renters and they also had friends who are apartment renters and she [00:01:00] took it and ran with it to seven new markets and two more on the way. And we're going to four hundred and fifty agents across the board by 2021.

Diana: Oh, my God, that is so exciting. What makes Smart City different than other companies in your industry?

Emily: So, I mean, we're hyper personalized service that goes above and beyond for our clients, were real people were overachievers. We never settle until we find the perfect spot for them.

Diana: That's so awesome. I see you guys in the space and you guys are [00:01:30] hustlers. Oh, yeah. I walk by and everyone is just on the phone, on email, doing everything, coming and going. It's really good energy.

Emily: It's fast paced, but our culture is also like, amazing. You're not going to have an agent show up in a stuffy suit. Like we're real people. We're wearing graphic tees, like none of that corporate stuff. Like we're having fun with our clients and it's the only way we want it to be.

Diana: Yeah, definitely. I can feel the authenticity from every individual on your team.

Emily: Yeah, we definitely hire based on our core values.

Diana: That's [00:02:00] wonderful. There has been amazing growth in your company. Tell us more about your company's expansion into Denver's market. What are some goals or achievements that Smart City has obtained recently? And what are you proud of and what would you like to mention for us?

Emily: Yeah, I'm so freaking proud of my team. I started in May with four agents and we've grown to twenty one and we're going to forty five by next March. Right. So hyper growth is just going to be so incredible for our clients because it's [00:02:30] just going to be give us more ability to work with more properties, find more deals and get better pricing for our clients. Something I'm also really proud of is that we've gotten to help 400 clients since we launched in May. And I can't wait to see how many people we help in 2021.

Diana: That's awesome. So exciting. Tell us why Smart City chose Enterprise Coworking to be their coworking home.

Emily: Of course, something about us is that we love a good deal. So when it came to shopping around different coworking [00:03:00] space, different office spaces, Enterprise had it all. You could have your you have your cake and eat it too for the right price. The amenities. The staff, can't beat the cafe. Diana, you're f***ing amazing. So it's just it's not only just a space to work, but you also have a community, the amenities. And it's just it's a nice place to spend your day.

Diana: I agree. I've been here for about four years, community manager here at Enterprise Coworking, and I just fell in love with it the minute I walked in the doors. [00:03:30] I think that this place has a polished professional sense where you can bring a client in and it's impressive, but it also has that homey feel where you want to stay and get comfortable and meet friends.

Diana: So last question before we end off. What would you like our viewers to know about Smart City?

Emily: Yeah, I mean, reach out to us. Don't take on finding an apartment alone. If you're a homeowner and have friends moving to Denver and the service doesn't fit [00:04:00] you specifically. We actually just rolled out our awards platform in Denver. So it's at and you can start making fifty dollars in Amazon credit for every client who you send our way and leases with us. So it's a fun interactive. You can see where your friends are at in the process. And when you get that Amazon credit, it's instantly downloaded. So it's a really great reward platform and I think everyone should use it, you know.

Diana: Great. I'll get more information about that from [00:04:30] you and we can plug that in our newsletter so that the members can learn more about that.

Emily: Absolutely. I would love that. Thank you.

Diana: Wow, Emily, this has been an awesome time getting to know you and Smart City. Thank you so much again for taking the time to sit down with me and the Enterprise community to tell us more about you. If you'd like more information about Smart City, you can get to their website at Or if you'd like to connect with Emily or the team, you can email her directly at