Enterprise Coworking Community Spotlight: Colorado Digital

This month Lauren sat down with Tom DeGerlia, the president & founder of Colorado Digital.
Colorado Digital is a top digital marketing company in Denver that is your strategic partner toward success in the digital world. They see every one of their customers as a partner. They are a full-service digital agency that provides strategic digital marketing, web design & development, managed hosting, and web support. Their goal is to drive your company's success. 


LAUREN: [00:00:03] Hello and welcome back to Enterprise Coworking Community Spotlight. This month we are sitting down with Tom DeGerlia, president and founder of Colorado Digital. Tom, thank you so much for sitting down with me today.


TOM: [00:00:16] Thank you for inviting me.


LAUREN: [00:00:17] Of course. Of course. So why don't you start off by telling us a little bit about Colorado Digital and what you guys do?


TOM: [00:00:23] Okay. I'm Colorado Digital. We are a digital strategy firm, which translates into strategically looking at a company's digital assets and and crafting a strategy to help them best meet their business goals. That typically amounts to digital marketing, SEO and various strategies that kind of surround that, you know, typically around the website and pay per click marketing, etcetera.


LAUREN: [00:00:51] The important stuff.


TOM: [00:00:52] Yeah, yeah, yeah. And then and then the core of our business really is to, you know, to, to implement those things. So we do everything from constructing the websites to building out web applications, excuse me, web applications or whatever else is needed technologically to solve a customer's problems.


LAUREN: [00:01:09] Cool.


LAUREN: [00:01:10] Awesome. So how long have you guys been in business?


TOM: [00:01:13] We are. We celebrated just last year. 25 years in business.


Speaker3: [00:01:17] Wow. That's a long.


TOM: [00:01:18] That's a long time. It's so long that we don't don't necessarily quote that to people because it isn't it's not a badge of honor in technology to have been around that long. But we've been around.


LAUREN: [00:01:27] You know what you're doing. We do know.


TOM: [00:01:28] What we're doing.


LAUREN: [00:01:30] Awesome. What makes Colorado digital different from other companies that are in your field?


TOM: [00:01:36] Um, we've got a strong we have a really strong understanding of technology and of the marketing side of it. And so we really pull all that together. We've got a very small, tight knit team of experts, so everybody on our team is really an expert in their, their respective discipline. Um, and so we really bring strong representation, but we also, we operate as a partner, as a partner for our customers. We try to align with customers that. That needed somebody to help them on their journey. And we and that's what we tried to court. Cool.


LAUREN: [00:02:08] Awesome. So why did you guys choose Enterprise Coworking to work from? Take meetings from all that kind of stuff.


TOM: [00:02:15] We've been we've been in Rhino forever, and we were just up the block at. And our friends at the at the workroom backroom on Blake. And we were there for a long time, but they have since moved and we've always been aware of enterprise. I've had a number of customers that are either there or we meet over there. And it's it was very central to the location we liked. And so when when our space moved, it was a natural choice.


LAUREN: [00:02:41] Awesome.


TOM: [00:02:41] It's actually been really nice. Like the community, there's a lot of really good things about about enterprise.


LAUREN: [00:02:48] We're happy to have you here.


TOM: [00:02:49] Thank you.


LAUREN: [00:02:51] So our last question, speaking to our viewers, is there anything else that you'd like them to know about the company, any type of promos, any type of things that you want them to know?


TOM: [00:03:01] I mean, think in general, if you have questions about how to get to a particular, you know, with your business, you're trying to do something and you're not sure how to navigate it. Look us up and reach out and we can help you. Even if we can't do it for you, we can point you in the right direction. But often there's things that you would have never known that we could help with. That we can. Um, but I think the other thing that's worth noting is we are running a special here for the fall. And part of that special is actually the special amounts to it's actually really a great promotion because it gets you double effort on the first two months of any package, any of our digital marketing or strategy packages that you purchase, um, for a one year commitment. But it's a really good deal like it the effect is that we're able to gain a whole lot more. It's a really good deal for, for small businesses or businesses that really need to get excuse me, need to get more, be more bang for their buck. Nice. Really. I'm sorry I lost my breath there. I talked too.Much.


LAUREN: [00:04:01] Oh, no problem. No problem.


TOM: [00:04:03] Yeah, it's a good it's a good program for people that need to get more at the front end of their, you know, if you've got a limited budget, but you really want to get a lot of traction as we kind of move into the fall and the winter, it's a it's a perfect way to do that.


LAUREN: [00:04:15] Awesome. Perfect. And we will have a little link in the newsletter that this will be in to your promo page on the website. So anybody interested in that can take a look at that through the newsletter. But thank you, Tom, for sitting down telling us a little bit about Colorado Digital. Um, if anybody wants some more information, like I said, I will include a link in the newsletter. You can also go to Colorado digital.com.Thank you.


TOM: [00:04:43] Thank you so much.

AMY HARROLD: [00:10:00] Thanks, Amy.


AMY HARROLD: [00:10:01] Thank you so much. All right. That's it for our community spotlight. We'll see you next time. Thanks. Bye.