A Chat with Our Newest Coworking Space Members

Here in Denver, we've already seen two snow days, the mountain slopes have officially opened, and Halloween has come and gone. Before you know it, the holidays will be everywhere you look! Some may dislike the changing of seasons and all the newness they bring, but I've always enjoyed the fresh start! Fall 2018 at Enterprise Coworking not only brought a new season, but it also brought a wave a new members to our coworking space! On a cloudy autumn afternoon, I grabbed a cup of tea with Nicole Trimboli, John Kendall, and Tim Sprinkle; three of the newest Enterprise Coworking community members.


Brenna: Hey everyone! Why don't you each just start by telling us your name, company, and what you do!


NT: My name's Nicole Trimboli, my company is Living Roots. I'm working on a web service that allows families to capture their legacy in a private space and be able to pass it on from generation to generation easily. We gather whatever history that's happening right now, not really legacy stuff... Someone could answer the question "Who was your childhood best friend?" and in 35 years from now, your grandkid could see you answer that question.


JK: My name is John Kendall, my company is called OneStone. We're actually headquartered out of Bentonville, Arkansas, but we just opened our office here at Enterprise Coworking with just two of us; me and another guy named Jimmy, last week-- we're very new here! OneStone is a technology company in the eCommerce space. We're building a platform to help manufacturers track all their products across all the eCommerce platforms that are relevant to them (Amazon, Target, Home Depot, Lowe's...) We also have a client-based agency model where we're helping different clients with their eCommerce businesses.


TS: My name's Tim Sprinkle, I run a content marketing agency called LayUp. We do what they call concept marketing which is blog posts and websites and all kinds of communication strategies for financial services, start ups, for tech firms, venture capital...so I'm always right over there at the floater desks writing someone's blog post or eBook every second of every day and it's been good!


Brenna: That's so neat! There are so many cool companies here from all sorts of fields. I feel like I learn about somebody doing something new and awesome every day! That kind of brings us right in to my next question: what brought each of you to Enterprise, out of all the coworking spaces in Denver?


NT: I won [a drawing during Denver Startup Week] and I was like "Oh, it'll be cool to kind of... be around a bunch of people." I can't believe how much I'm enjoying it-- it's so weird to get out of my house and come here and get to work. There are way less distractions and it's just better. I'm seeing such a difference in my productivity and focus by being here.


JK: I feel like location is a really big thing-- [Enterprise] is in a really cool spot, which we liked. We did a little bit of research on the other companies just to see what the vibe would be like, and we just felt like it would be a good space for collaboration. Parking is great too!


TS: It's really nice to have a bigger space. Seeing all the large suites on the second floor sold me, many coworking spaces have ten people as their largest suite, so the space here is really nice.


Brenna: That is really awesome! We pride ourselves in offering many of those things, so it's cool to hear those were things that drew you all into the coworking space! My last question is just kind of a fun one: are there any events or perks of membership that you're particularly excited about? There's always something going on here, so I just was wondering if anything had sparked your interest in these first couple of weeks!


NT: I love that you purposefully put together happy hours and events and that many of them have one particular theme or topic to get someone there.


JK: We're so new, I don't have any feedback from actually attending anything, but I'm looking forward to doing that. The rooftop patio is awesome here--another reason why we wanted to become members! I feel like that's a great spot for getting together, so I'm excited to check that out more.


TS: Having an excuse to head down and go to happy hour to learn about something or what other members are doing is great.


NT: I don't remember something is going on unless I'm walking around and seeing a flyer! The flyers are helpful, and they're everywhere!


It was really great to be able to get together with three of our newest members and hear just a piece of what they're up to and their thoughts on our Denver coworking space. Our members really are what make Enterprise great and there is so much room for collaboration and connection within our community! Thank you to Nicole, John, and Tim for spending the afternoon with me! I cant wait to see you all around the space.