Tellus Core Inc and CBD Universe: The CBD Connoisseurs of Enterprise Coworking Greenwood Village

Tellus Core Inc. is a "budding" company in the fast growing CBD industry! Tellus Core is the parent company of CBD Universe, a premier CBD wholesale company that provides CBD products with only the best raw ingredients. Both companies are currently housed in our new location in Greenwood Village. We interviewed their CEO, Justin Pentelute, to learn more about his brand and what we can expect from them in the future.


Justin Pentelute

Q: Tell us about yourself and how the brand Tellus came into fruition.

A: My LinkedIn profile is the best summary of myself (professionally speaking). I’m a lifelong entrepreneur, originally from Salt Lake City, Utah. Originally, I started off building solar installation companies and had founded, and subsequently sold Solar Nation and Syndicated Solar. After that I got into cannabis where I built a portfolio of companies including cultivation, processing, dispensaries and brands in Colorado and 7 other states. That experience led me to focus on cannabis’s cousin, hemp, which is where Tellus came from. 

The word Tellus has  two distinct meanings that embody our vibe, one is Earth or Foundation, which is a paramount term in our world, both because the products we work with are plant derived from the earth, and we build real foundation in our businesses that last long term. The second meaning is the Happiest of Men/Women, which is another value that we all subscribe to. 


Q: What are your goals for Tellus and CBD Universe within the next 5 years?

A: Tellus Core, Inc. is a holdings corporation that intends on building out an ecosystem of hemp businesses, both direct and ancillary to the industry. To begin, we’re building out our distribution and white-label manufacturing business via CBD Universe, LLC., and from there we will begin to vertically integrate by acquiring/building farms, labs, and potential retail and other. 

Within the next 5 years our intention is to have a cohesive conglomerate of companies that synergistically complement each other (e.g. vertical integration – captive cultivation, processing, distribution, brands, and more).


cbd universe

Q: Are there any big projects in the works that we should be on the lookout for?

A: So many, but most recently we have just signed a deal with Spyder Active Sports to be their exclusive licensed-manufacturer for their CBD line that we’re developing. These products should hit the market in Q4 of this year.   


Q: What drew you to start your business in the CBD/hemp industry?
A: Previous to this venture I spent the past 4 years in the Cannabis Industry where I was able to successfully build up a vertically integrated cannabis conglomerate, which I recently sold in February of this year. During that time it was apparent to me the efficacy of hemp and CBD products, but I was disheartened by the stigma around cannabis, as well as the types of folks who are running that show. Hemp presents a more mainstream opportunity where we can likely bring the many benefits of this plant to the masses, while avoiding the recreational ‘stoners’ and all of the bad ju ju that comes from that.


Q:What made you and your team choose Enterprise Coworking?

A: We were referred by my girlfriends Company, Levo Oil, who is based out of your RINO location. The location we are in is very close to my condo, and the staff and facilities are very nice. Seemed like a no brainer to base out of here while our facilities are being built out.


Q:If the Enterprise community should know one thing about you, what would it be?

A: I am fascinated with marine biology and shark week is my favorite time of year


Thank you, Justin, for taking the time to sit down with us! If you would like to learn more about Tellus Brands or CBD Universe check out their websites,, and


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