Cafe Sessions with Steve: October Edition

Hello Enterprisers! It’s October at Enterprise Coworking and I’m so happy to be back answering your questions and offering my unsolicited knowledge of life, work, love, and the pursuit of happiness! I was pumped to hear from the community how much everyone enjoyed my first post and I’m excited to keep the ball rollin’. Remember, if you have a question you would like featured anonymously, you can submit that here!

This month I’ll dive into ways to stop your boss from seeing what’s really showing on your computer screen, what you can do if you forget or lose your key card, and I’ll talk a bit about these Fall colors and cozy Fall drinks. Let’s get right into it!

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My boss has been peepin’ my screen lately. How do I manage my Fantasy team without getting caught!?

Let me preface this by saying that we should all be getting our work done here at Enterprise. (this is my waving my finger at you). We have a reputation to uphold people! Get your work done and then worry about your Fantasy players…

Okay, I’m glad that’s over. But really, sometimes your personal life is going to creep into work and we need to know how to manage that—especially with the highly esteemed fantasy team! I’m a fond believer in letting adults be adults. C’mon managers! Trust the people you hire to get their work done. We millennials do our best work when we feel free!

Now that I said that, I can get to answering the question. It’s inevitable that you’re going to want to diverge from productivity during work for a few minutes here and there. We’re only human. Maybe you need to  comment on a Facebook post you were tagged in, an opponent suggested a Fantasy trade, or maybe you’re considering swiping right on some hottie, but you just need to do a little further digging to avoid a catfish-type situation. Whatever the reason, I’ve heard a few ways over the years in which you can quickly switch your screen back to a work-friendly state.

One little trick is called “Direct to Desktop”. Here, you simply click “Windows Key” + D (F11 on Mac). This will switch any screen back to the plain desktop. Now, your boss may wonder why you’re just staring at your desktop, but I’ll leave that excuse to your imagination.

The other option is to download a browser plugin. This is often called a “Boss Button” or “Boss Key”. There’s a few of these out there such as the one found here. With this one, you just strike F12 when you’re feeling the lurking gaze of your boss. Or this one called the “Panic Button” lets you choose a default page that will be switched to after hitting your preset keyboard shortcut.

If these methods won’t work for you, I don’t really have any other options other than coming on down to Rise and chatting about your fantasy lineup with me!

I forgot my keycard at home. Can you just come let me in through Rise?

The short answer: sure. If I know you, I won’t leave you outside as you’re banging against the door, avoiding awkward eye contact as I prep the café for the day. But if I don’t recognize you, I may do just that. Enterprise takes their security seriously, and as an extension of the company, I do too. Luckily, I know you all pretty well.

But what should you do if you leave your keycard at home? The proper and easy way is to simply tell the community managers. They’ll get you a temporary card free of charge to use for the day.

But there is in alternate option. As you know, we’ve just switched over to a new key card system called Brivo. Brivo has a mobile app to allow you the same access as your keycard (ahhh technology!). Download the app for apple here and for android here. After doing that, a forgotten keycard will never be an issue.

OMG I love Fall and all the amazing colors and hot pumpkin drinks and sweaters and the mountains are so beautiful at this time of the year……..

So, I get it. Fall is awesome. It makes us happy and we just want to shout it at the top of our lungs! I don’t mean to make fun. I just find it so funny the amount of conversations I have in the Fall about Fall. Don’t get me wrong, I love it too. It’s getting cooler, pumpkin beers are full-fledged, and a trip through the mountains is like something out of a movie.

The beauty of Colorado Autumn can’t be understated. And it seems like it’s the transitory nature of the season that embodies most of its magic. Think about it, summer is great, but we had those weeks of 95 plus degree weather that just seemed to drag on and on. Winter is amazing, but enough is enough when the cold persists for months at a time. With Fall, we get 3, maybe 4, weekends to really take it all in—to see the magnificent yellows of the Aspens, the oranges and reds sprinkled about he evergreens over the rocky hills.

Us basic city folk don our Patagonia sweaters and LuLu leggings, flock to the nearest Starbucks, and order our favorite pumpkin-spice beverage that will undoubtedly make it into our Instagram stories once we can get the glare off the screen to select the perfect filter. And from this, we get that warm, cozy feeling of brisk joy. I’m not knocking it. Happiness, like Fall, is fleeting. We need to take it as it comes and open ourselves up to these moments that mike life grand.

So don’t think of yourself as a cliche. Breathe in that crisp air, dance in the whirlwind of colorful leaves on the sidewalk, smile, sip that Pumpkin Spice Latte, and Instagram the sh*t out of those bright Autumn colors. It will be cold soon enough.

And because Fall is amazing and short, head on down to Rise Café for a Pumpkin Spice Latte and I’ll knock $1 off the price for mentioning this post!


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