Cafe Sessions with Steve: November 2020

Well, I did it. I wrote this month’s post. My celebratory bender following the Dodger’s World Series win couldn’t keep me from writing to my favorite Enterprisers. #priorities.

We keep trucking through this “worst year ever” like the good warriors we are! We’ve made it to month 11 out of 12. Turkey Month. A month to be grateful. You might look back at 2020 and struggle to find things to be thankful for, but I’m here to enlighten you. Despite all the apocalyptic hysteria thrown at us in constant debilitating waves of news, silver linings can be sifted from the scorched earth below us.

I’m thankful for how the late October snows pacified the fires that burned through mountain homes and our beautiful Colorado countryside.

I’m thankful for the end of a presidential race that polarized American ideals and divided communities.

I’m thankful for my health and the health of my family.

The air is getting colder, the days shorter and darker. Now more than ever its important to get your head right. Focus on what’s good so we can all stay the course. We’re not out of this yet but I can feel the end coming. Stay positive….oh, AND VOTE TOMORROW!

For November’s Café Sessions I’ll talk about throwing a safe family thanksgiving, my favorite way to cook a turkey, and a talk about what a sports-fan is to do when seasons come to a close.

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My Family Hasn’t Decided If We Should Throw Thanksgiving This Year. What Are Your Thoughts On A Family Gathering Amid This Pandemic?

Oh boy. I don’t know if any answer I give will be free from ridicule. I think the best way to answer this question is to tell you what my family has decided to do, and my thoughts on our decision.

Things are undeniably getting worse again. Cases, hospitalizations, deaths, they’re all going up. States are enacting new restrictions while some countries are shutting down once again. Thanksgiving brings people together. What was once celebrated—the coming together of people—is now looked at with suspicion and fear. When you mix the elderly into that, it just gets worse.

My grandpa has been doing a great job of social distancing. I’ve seen him a few times, each visit taking place outdoors with distance between us. My uncle does his shopping, and he enjoys daily walks around his neighborhood donning his Dodger’s Baseball mask. When asked about what he thinks about Thanksgiving, he said, “What’s the point in living if I can’t see my family.”

I get that. My family get’s that. And you can be sure my MAGA-toting uncle get’s that. In Southern California, we know how nice the weather is. For us, Thanksgiving will be held outdoors in a large yard. My grandpa will enjoy his chair in the lawn with his favorite beer, and besides a change in seating arrangements for dinner, not much more need to be changed.

But for those needing to be indoors for the holiday, my gut tells me to tell you to have a smaller get-together this year. And for the grandparents, it might be best to set them up to join in on the party virtually.

What’s The Best Way to Cook a Turkey?

This is one of those age-old arguments that has no correct answer, only personal preference. I’m a big fan of the deep fried everything and turkey is no exception. Unfortunately, my family likes things “traditional” when it comes to holidays, so we always ever have an oven-baked turkey. My mom is a decent cook when people can stay out of her way in the kitchen. Even if I sneak a few extra butter injections into the bird when she’s not looking.

I can’t tell you how to deep fry a turkey, only that you should be careful. I can cite quite a few news articles about people burning down their garage.

Now that Sports are dwindling down to just Football, what do you do with your time Steve?

Great question. Fortunately for us, football is now on most days of the week! Ever since the NFL decided to add a couple billion in revenue with Thursday night games weekly, we can watch the pros battle it out Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays, and even Tuesdays if the circumstances call for it. College football is all over the place right now with some conferences halfway through their season and others yet to begin. They tend to have games Wednesdays-Saturdays so get your sportsbook app out and take some chances!

Other options to do with your evenings are to catch up on some TV shows, South Park made a great pandemic special and streaming services are showing new movies all the time, skipping the box office. Other than that, I don’t know, what do normal people do? Video games? Drink? Learn a new skill. We should all know how to fill free time after our stint in quarantine.



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