Cafe Sessions with Steve: April 2022

The first part of 2022 has quickly come and gone and all of a sudden, we’ve entered full Spring mode! Is it just me, or does it seem like it has been forever since the months have flown by? I swear, for the last two years, each month has dragged along while we were continuously waiting for the next mask mandate or restaurant restrictions to come around. 2022 has time flying by though, and I for one, am embracing it with open arms! That said, this is still the “early days” of spring, so maybe don't plant those flowers just yet. Last year around this time we saw snow coming down all the way through May.

But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn't enjoy this awesome weather we’ve been experiencing! In fact, I encourage you to get out there and partake in some of the many activities taking place in Denver right now!

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This is the perfect segue into our first Café Session Question this month:

Are there any good concerts or events coming up in denver?

Over the last month, Denver has been grooving in full swing! Coors Field Opening Weekend was the fullest I've seen since the All-Star weekend last year! Granted it helps that the Rockies are off to a hot start this baseball season (and yes, I am aware I say this nearly every year come April/May with the Rockies, but maybe this will be the year they pull it off?). In addition, concert venues are rocking and rolling again. Red Rocks is bumping, and we are all planning to pack Ball Arena for the Avalanche games as they make their steady run at the Stanley Cup this postseason!

But you asked for specifics, and I am here to provide – so this is my personal list of upcoming May events you should have on your radar:

  1. Derby Day – May 7th: Pretty much anywhere you go in Denver on Derby Day is going to have some kind of celebration going on, but to give you a head start, here’s a list from Westword on the best places to celebrate the Kentucky Derby in Denver this year.

  2. Denver’s Cinco De Mayo Celebration – May 7th – 8th at Civic Center Park: Head to Civic Center Park from 10am-8pm to enjoy food, music (they have three stages this year), drinks and fun!

  3. Tales and Ales – May 11th at Number 38: It’s the best of both worlds – pet some puppies and have some beers at the same time!

  4. Stevie Nicks – May 11th at Red Rocks Amphitheater: This show is going to be an epic experience – Modest Mouse always puts on a great show!

  5. Modest Mouse – May 23rd at Mission Ballroom: This show is going to be an epic experience – Modest Mouse always puts on a great show!

  6. Ratio’s new Overland Brewery location – any time: Okay, so this one isn’t exactly an event, but it is definitely still worth mentioning! If you’re looking for a new brewery, check this place out!

When is it appropriate to order iced beverages from a coffee shop?

All year round! I start most of my days with a "Steve Special" – I add a little bit of chocolate to an iced latté – whether the weather is cold or hot. For me, I need to see some actual snow on the ground with frozen Tundra temperatures to desire a hot coffee drink. So don't fret ordering a nice cold one from your local barista any time of year. Half our days as baristas are spent surrounded by water ranging from 150-200*F, so if you want to guzzle down something iced that's quicker to drink and easier for us to serve, it is no harm to us! 

And now that we are officially in Spring anyway – the time of year lots of guests I serve begin to switch things up and opt for a nice cold coffee!

With this warm weather, you too might want to make the seasonal switch! Not sure what to switch your piping hot cup of coffee in the mornings with? I can help with that too – check out our latest blog: How To Choose: Iced Coffee or Cold Brews?

Finally, this wouldn't be a Café Session if I didn’t also mention a great, adult, summer coffee option – and at the moment, I’m thinking Espresso Martinis! Essentially a mixture of vodka, coffee liquor, fresh espresso and simple syrup, these are a delicious way to unwind and get that extra boost of caffeine you need to transition from work mode into fun mode all in one. Click HERE for a link to the full recipe.

IIf you have a topic or question you’d like me to tackle next month, don’t hesitate to ask! Submit an anonymous question or problem here. No name or email required.