Cafe Sessions with Steve: March 2020

Hello fellow Enterprisers and welcome back to the March edition of Café Sessions with me! March is one of my favorite months of the year. The weather gets warmer, March Madness commences, and of course, St. Patrick’s day!

Let’s dive right in.

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The March to Madness 

March Madness is the best non-singular day sporting event that happens each year. Sweet 16, Elite 8, Final 4, it's almost that time of year to sit back on the couch, relax, and watch some of the best basketball teams in college sports battle it out. It’s the best time of the year vegetate and spectate. In fact, the most vasectomies in the U.S. are performed the Wednesday before the First Round of March Madness. No better way to recover. If you're like me, you take the first two days of the tournament off work to really appreciate the madness: fly to Vegas, sit at a sports book, gamble and drink away the days while watching buzzer beaters and upsets with hopes a Cinderella emerges to destroy your buddy’s bracket. 

Although the first four days of the tournament are the main course with games finishing about every 15 minutes, there is still plenty of basketball after the initial weekend. No matter the matchups you'll surely see some great games and fantastic finishes all day long. So fill out a bracket, enter it in some random sweepstakes because you never know who is going to be finishing the victor; you legitimately have better odds of winning the lottery and getting struck by lightning in the same day than filling out a perfect bracket. 

The Tournament will begin with Selection Sunday March 15 and games will be played every Thursday-Sunday culminating with the final nets being cut down on Monday April 6. Enjoy the Madness!

*Take part in the festivities downstairs and get a quick break from work to enjoy the games we’ll be streaming in the Classroom and Ratskeller!*

Best Spots in Denver for St. Patrick’s Day

It should be no surprise that St. Patrick’s Day tops the list of my favorite holidays. I’m a drinker who loves a good reason to drink, and if the weather is nice and the beers are a plenty, then you can expect me in my Irish green doing as the Irish do best.

There’s no lack of activities surrounding the holiday. A Google search will bring up hundreds of bar crawls, tons of bar and brewery parties, and festivals. Here, I’ll try and sift through the congestion and let you know a few of the things I like to do on St. Patrick’s Day in Denver.

The Denver St. Patrick’s Day Parade

When: Saturday March 14, 9:30AM

The 58th annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade takes place the Saturday before the actual holiday. Get up early and nab yourself a spot along the parade route which begins and ends at Coors Field, making a big loop through downtown. It’s a great time! I love all the floats, music, and Irish cheer…that and a thermos full of Irish coffee! I wouldn’t start my St. Patrick’s Day weekend off any different.

Nallen’s Irish Pub

Coined Denver’s oldest Irish Pub—which is hard to believe because it only opened in 1992—is Nalen’s Irish Pub, owned by Irish immigrants John and Una Nallen. At Nallen’s, you can party all day and night over St Patrick’s Day weekend. They always have dancers, bagpipe performers, corned beef, and of course, pints of the sacred nectar: Guinness.

Fado Irish Pub

Fado is another pub with a crazy St. Patrick’s Day (and weekend) party. Experience over 10 hours of music, cocktails and beer. FYI, there is a $25 cover charge.

Irish Rover

Ditch the cover and head to the Irish Rover where they’ll have dancers, music, bagpipes, and delicious food from the motherland.

It’s sure to be a wild time and I hope I see you out and about on this glorious day. Although I’ll be around town, by the end of the day you’ll still find me at my watering hole, Lustre Pearl in RiNo. For the sake of professionalism, let’s not run in to each other at this point.

Coworking Bathroom Etiquette

Alright everyone. If you’re uncomfortable around “Potty Talk”, then you best end the article here. But I urge you to stay, because we have something important to talk about:

Bathroom Etiquette.

This is something that I’ve been noticing around the space for some time now and I just can’t let it go on without acknowledging this problem. I see poor etiquette first-hand in the men’s room, but I’ve heard of similar problems happening for women. So, let’s all get on the same page right here and hope some good old fashioned “etiquette-shaming” does the trick to make our trips to the throne room a little more pleasant.

The first problem I’ve been seeing is something I never expected to have to lecture grown adult men about. Lift the seat when you pee! I’m tired of seeing dried or wet droplets on the seat when I enter the stall. If for some reason, you can’t lift the seat or forget, at least have the decency to clean the seat when you are through. We live in a community here. Respect it.

Next, what’s the deal with talking on the phone while relieving yourself? You couldn’t wait until your call was done? Or vice versa, you couldn’t wait to take the call until you were wiped and washed? When I sit down on that toilet, its me-time. I don’t want to hear your overconfident pedantic voice rumbling through the stall door about budgets, timelines and “content” while I’m trying to take a dump and check my fantasy scores. Save the phone calls for your office, meeting rooms, phone booths or outside! This amazing workspace is designed so you can do certain things in certain places. Phone booths are for phone calls. Restrooms are for, well, you know.

This next issue isn’t so much of an issue. It’s happened once, but I feel its funny enough to bring up. Let me preface this by saying, I love dogs. I love how we have so many dogs in the space and I feel like they really brighten the mood every time one walks in the room. Every time except…in the bathroom.

The other day, I was doing my business in one of the stalls when one of our tiny puppy members came right under the door and put his paws up on my thigh. I nearly dropped my phone into the bowl! Now, there’s no way I could be mad at this little floofer, but I was confused and a little grossed out. Bathrooms, no matter where they are, are dirty. Do you really want your dog licking the dusty corners of a public bathroom? Or how about unwashed hands petting your dog’s newly groomed coat? Just leave your dog in the office when you have to relieve yourself. If you’re a floater, tie them up to the front desk. The bathroom is no place for a pup.

And that’s it! That’s the rant. I don’t mean to call anyone out, but c’mon. This is basic stuff! Let’s keep our community clean!


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