Cafe Sessions with Steve: July 2023

Greetings, coffee aficionados, and welcome to our July Café Session! These summer days are soaring by, leaving behind a trail of blissful memories. As we revel in the warmth of the season, Mother Nature has been kind, bestowing upon us mild and delightful weather, perfect for savoring the joys of summer to the fullest. From leisurely strolls to action packed park days, it's been a season to remember.

In the world of sports, excitement is at its peak as the Women's World Cup has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. The USA team, a powerhouse of talent and determination, is giving an awe-inspiring performance, making the entire nation proud. Their electrifying matches and displays of skill have been the talk of the town, uniting fans and drawing us together in celebration.

And speaking of game-changers, the soccer world has witnessed a seismic shift with the legendary Lionel Messi making his move to MLS and joining the Inter Miami team. His arrival has set the sports realm abuzz with anticipation and curiosity. Could this herald

But that's not all this summer has had in store for us. While we're soaking up the sun and immersing ourselves in the world of sports, let's not forget the enchantment of the silver screen. This season, it's all about the movies, and two captivating releases are making waves - "Barbie" and "Oppenheimer." These films have become the talk of Hollywood, promising audiences an unforgettable cinematic experience filled with wonder and emotion.

As we gather in our virtual haven, this Café Session invites you to embark on a journey that delves deep into the captivating realm of coffee. This month, we are talking Third Wave Coffee and putting your coffee knowledge to the test with our thrilling coffee quiz! Challenge yourself, learn something new, and have fun while unraveling the secrets of this enchanting elixir.

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what is third wave coffee?

Before I can answer this question, I’ve got to give you a brief rundown of 1st and 2nd wave coffee first.

First wave coffee was all about making coffee accessible to everyone; mass brewing and producing and making coffee as affordable as possible. Think diner coffee, Folgers, etc.

Second wave coffee on the other hand showcased the rise of espresso drinks (e.g. lattes, cappuccinos, etc.), and was also the start of showcasing coffee bean origins, and higher quality coffee in general. Think the start of Starbucks and similar businesses.

(For a more in-depth explanation of the waves of coffee, check out our blog “Experience the Revolution: Exploring the Waves of Coffee Culture")

So, what's all the buzz about "Third Wave Coffee"? Picture this: coffee meets craftsmanship! This is not your average cup-of-joe, folks. We're talking about coffee that's meticulously sourced, roasted with love, and brewed to perfection. It's like the haute couture of the coffee world – fancy and delightful!

The Third Wave Coffee movement is all about celebrating the unique flavors locked within those little green coffee beans. These beans are treated with the utmost care, getting a light roast that lets its true personality shine through. It's like giving them a VIP ticket to a coffee flavor party!

Third wave coffee isn’t just about the beans though; it also encompasses the coffee virtuosos – the baristas! These coffee wizards use their magical skills to whip up the most tantalizing cups of joe you've ever tasted. It's like they have a secret coffee spellbook, and they're unleashing coffee enchantments on every cup!

What’s more, the impact of Third Wave Coffee goes way beyond our taste buds. It's revolutionizing the coffee culture as we know it. We're not just sipping coffee; we're indulging in a rich experience – a journey of flavors, origins, and brewing techniques. Each cup has a story to tell – the story of the coffee's origin, the hard work of farmers, and the dedication of coffee artisans.

Finally, the Third Wave Coffee movement is a beacon of sustainability and community spirit. It's not just about enjoying a cup of coffee; it's about making a positive impact on the world. By supporting ethical practices, it's inspiring other industries to follow suit. Coffee, the planet's little superhero!

Now, my fellow coffee adventurers, as you take that next sip of meticulously crafted coffee, savor the journey from farm to cup. Cheers to the magic of Third Wave Coffee and the captivating culture that surrounds it!

test your coffee knowledge with our coffee quiz!

I know you're all super dedicated to reading our Café Sessions and regular blogs (come on, admit it, you love them!), so let's kick things up a notch and put your coffee expertise to the ultimate test! Because, really, what's the point of having a treasure trove of awesome coffee knowledge if you can't flaunt it like a coffee rock star every now and then? Let's get brewing and show off those coffee smarts!

1. The "Coffee Belt" is the region around the world where coffee is grown, what lines of latitudes make up this belt?
    a) Equator and Arctic Circle
    b) Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn
    c) Antarctic Circle and Prime Meridian
    d) Tropic of Cancer and Equator
  1. There is only one commodity traded more than coffee in the world, what is it?
    a) Gold
    b) Oil
    c) Wheat
    d) Cotton
  2. What does the most expensive coffee in the world come from?
    a) Fermented coffee cherries from Ethiopia
    b) Elephant dung from Thailand
    c) Excrement of the Luwak cat from Indonesia
    d) Roasted beans aged in whiskey barrels
  3. The two types of coffee bean are what?
    a) Arabica and Robusta
    b) Espresso and Latte
    c) Cappuccino and Americano
    d) Mocha and Macchiato
  4. "Americano" refers to a coffee drink made from what two ingredients?
    a) Espresso and milk
    b) Espresso and hot water
    c) Espresso and whipped cream
    d) Espresso and chocolate syrup
  5. What is the one state in the United States that grows coffee?
    a) California 
    b) Florida
    c) Texas 
    d) Hawaii
  6. What is the color of a ripe coffee cherry?
    a) Green
    b) Yellow
    c) Purple
    d) Red
  7. What country invented frappé coffee?
    a) Italy
    b) Greece
    c) Turkey
    d) France
  8. Which dessert has coffee in it?
    a) Red Velvet cake
    b) Coffee Cake
    c) Tiramisu
    d) Eclair
  9. How much caffeine is in an 8oz cup of regular coffee?

    a) Roughly 25mg

    b) Roughly 50 mg 

    c) Roughly 100mg

    d) Roughly 200mg

  10. A goat herder named Kaldi from what country discovered coffee, after his goats seemed energized from eating the cherries of a coffee plant?
    a) Ethiopia
    b) Colombia
    c) Brazil
    d) Yemen
  11. How many coffee beans does it take to produce 1 pound of roasted coffee? 
    a) 1,000
    b) 2,500
    c) 4,000
    d) 6,000
  12. How many pounds of coffee does one coffee tree produce in an annual crop?
    a) 1 pound
    b) 5 pounds
    c) 10 pounds
    d) 20 pounds
  13. Roughly how many cups of coffee are consumed globally each year?
    a) 100 billion
    b) 500 million
    c) 400 billion
    d) 250 billion
  14. What percentage of the world's coffee consumption is from the United States?
    a) 5%
    b) 15%
    c) 20%
    d) 30%
How do you think you did? Find the answeres below and share your results in the comments!



Question 1: B

Question 2: B

Question 3: C

Question 4: A

Question 5: B

Question 6: D

Question 7: D (Fun Fact: berries actually look like skittles in your hand and only the red ones are used to begin the coffee roasting process!)

Question 8: B

Question 9: C

Question 10: C

Question 11: A

Question 12: C

Question 13: A

Question 14: C

Question 15: C 

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