Cafe Sessions with Steve: February 2023

Well, that groundhog did it again, and we are looking at six more weeks of Winter. Kind of makes you think though; how come a groundhog seeing its shadow means we are in for more Winter? Wouldn't that mean the sun is shining and the seasons are shifting a little for the earlier warm weather? When the sun is out, I don't think, "ohhh it must be getting colder out there..." Ever since I was a kid, I have never understood it. Speaking of things, I’ve never understood, add the alarm clock to that list as well. Why do you say, "the alarm is going off," when it is really turning on?? I must have been a handful for my parents coming up with questions like these as a kid.

Anyway, all this thinking about the weather, got me thinking about Denver as a whole and what’s going on around the city right now. I realized its been awhile since I put together a list of what’s going on in town, so we are going to kick this Café Session off with just that!

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In case you have not heard...Denver is hosting the first two rounds of March Madness! Kicking off on St. Patrick’s Day, Friday March 17, this will surely be a busy weekend around town. Unfortunately, the parade always happens the weekend before St. Patty's, so you won’t be able to hit up the parade before catching the games. That’s okay though, it just means the fun is extended! So grab your green gear and get ready for a week's worth of festivities around town! Kegs n Eggs is always a good time if you are lucky enough to get the day off. 

Of course, if that's not your scene, there are other things going on around town too. After all, the weather is warming up, the sun is starting to shine and we can tell Spring is just around the corner. Here is a list of some other cool events happening over the next month in Denver:

  1. 303 Day – March 3rd: “Every March, Denverites celebrate the town’s original area code, known as 303 Day. Celebrate with a live music performance by 3OH!3 along with various vendors around the city hosting events to observe the day.
  2. Denver Restaurant Week – March 3rd – 12th: “Hundreds of Denver restaurants come together for a ten-day culinary celebration boasting delicious multi-course menus for a fixed price.
  3. Flogging Molly Concert – March 12th: Get in the St. Patrick’s Day spirt by heading to a concert at the Boulder Theater, featuring the band Flogging Molly – an Irish-American, Celtic, Punk band!
  4. Denver March Pow Wow – March 17th – 19th: The 47th Annual Denver March Pow Wow held at the Denver Coliseum.
  5. Collaboration Beer Fest – March 25th: “Each year Colorado’s brewers work together to create uniquely delicious and exclusive beers only available at Collaboration Fest. This event directly supports the Colorado Brewers Guild mission to promote, protect, and propel Colorado craft beer. "

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