Cafe Sessions with Steve: February 2022

We are officially heading out of February and into March, which is the best month of the year if you ask me! The sun starts to peek it's head out again to melt all the snow in a days notice. More importantly, the best non-single day sporting event (March Madness) starts up in the middle of the month, coincidentally on the same day as St. Patrick’s Day this year, which should make for one heck of a Thursday! My recommendation? Mark March 17 on your calendar and maybe plan to "work from home" on March 18th. 

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Fun fact, there are more vasectomies performed that week than any week of the year to allow for maximum couch-potato status during the first days of the tournament.



How are we celebrating at Enterprise Coworking you might ask? We are bringing back our March Madness Ping Pong Tournament!!! Defending Champ here...granted it seems like forever ago that we picked up the paddles for a little friendly competition. And it sort of was – 2019 to be exact – which in all honesty feels like an entirely different world. Regardless, I plan to defend my title and continue my reign as Ping Pong Victor in 2022!


Denver is bringing back the St. Patrick's Day Parade this year! The parade is March 12th, the weekend before St. Patty's Day. Get your green on and go hang down on Blake Street to enjoy the festivities. It seems like this is one of two days where it's acceptable to be in your 50's and pass out sitting on the curb waiting for the cab ride home. The other day being Rockies Opening Day, but with the baseball lockout looming, who knows when that will be this season? 

And then of course, there’s alcohol, and I’ve got some thoughts on that too. Luckily for us all, everyone carries their own coffee mug or water bottle around nowadays, so on this boozy holiday it's much easier to get away with sneaking a little Irish in your coffee for the day, just be careful who you share it with...

Most people like to throw a little Bailey's in their coffee to spike it up some, but you can take it a quick step further to really make sure your coffee packs an Irish punch. My favorite way to make an Irish Coffee is to be simple with a nice pour of Irish Whiskey, and since we're in Denver Jameson is king! Top the coffee off with a little whipped cream if you don't have your Bailey's handy - plus it's a little sweeter that way - and drizzle some creme de menthe for that green flair!

Drinking coffee all day is not uncommon for some, but if you are just a morning coffee connoisseur, you better switch it up in the afternoon to keep your hand steady. Grab a Guinness and enjoy the basketball games or, make it a fancy cocktail by dropping a split shot of baileys with Jameson directly into the Guinness to really make you feel Irish with a bomb.

All in all, we have a lot to look forward to with Spring just around the corner. Sure, the snow arrived late this year, but that just means the mountains are finally getting a nice base! So keep those edges sharp and bases waxed, then get out there and enjoy some Spring skiing on top of all your other March celebrations!

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