Cafe Sessions with Steve: August 2022

Is anyone else ready for Fall? Don't get me wrong, summer days are nice - and all things considered, it feels like this August has definitely been more mild than last year. We've had fewer 90 + degree days and a decent amount of rain which has made the evenings much more comfortable. But I am ready for football and to start dominating in my Fantasy Leagues, stocking up on Fall themed IPA's, and cooler weather in general. 

Fall also means it's back to school season. For those of you who are parents, this means early mornings getting kids ready for school, shuttling kids back and forth to all their activities, helping with homework, etc. Because of this, many of you may be looking for an extra boost to your regular cup of morning coffee. Maybe you've been Googling how to get extra energy in the mornings or what you can add into your daily cup of joe to make it a little more effective, because our first cafe session question this month is about just that - well sort of... 

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Do people really put butter in their coffee? 

Short answer...yes! This may come as a shock to you but what doesn't get better when you put butter in it?? If you have ever heard of Bulletproof Coffee, butter is one of the main ingredients. Mostly used as a breakfast substitute, the drink recipe calls for grass fed butter, or ghee, along with MCT oil to be added to your coffee. Some even top it off with a healthy amount of heavy cream and blend it all up. This style of coffee is meant to give you the nutrients your body needs to kick start the day as well as trick your body into thinking it is full without eating a meal. Granted, I have tried this a few times and cannot get over the thought that I am drinking butter, but hey, it's basically the same stuff you put on popcorn!

If adding butter to your coffee doesn’t appeal to you, but you’re still looking for a way to get more from your morning coffee, consider using a French Press in place of drip! You’ll get a bolder and more robust tasting cup every time! To learn how to make the perfect French Press, check out our blog “How To: The Perfect French Press”.

What are the differnces between coffee types from different areas of the world? 

Good question – and the prefect opportunity for me to whip out some real coffee knowledge, so thanks for that! There are three different regions around the world where coffee can be grown - Central/South America, Africa, and Asia (Indonesia mostly). More specifically, the lands between the two latitudes of the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn create the "Bean Belt" of the world. Each region brings out its own geographic taste in the beans. This means that depending on which region you are sourcing your beans from, you will get a different flavor profile in your coffee. The two main determinants when describing coffee flavors are its acidity level and its body. Here's a quick breakdown of how the majority of coffees from each region can be described:

The Americas – The Americas offer some of the lighter coffees such as a Colombian bean. These will have medium acidity with a mild but clean, bright, and nutty taste.

Africa - This region tends to produce coffee with a lot of flavor without being quite so acidic as is the case with many Ethiopian coffees. These coffees tend to be full bodied, floral, and fruity.

Asia - These coffees tend to be your dark roasts, such as Sumatra – a low acidity, full bodied, and earthy coffee with chocolate flavor notes.

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