Enterprise Coworking Community Spotlight: The Antero Group

Let's kick off a fresh year of Community Spotlights, starting with Jeffrey Ekegren and Annie Makuch, two of the Antero Group's most wonderful staff members of the Denver office! The Antero Group is a full-service engineering, urban planning, and strategic consulting firm with offices in Chicago, Denver, and Dallas-Fort Worth. They started back in 2015 with just two employees! Listen and watch on to learn more about them.
Connect with them by visiting www.AnteroGroup.com 


Diana: [00:00:04] Hi, everyone, I hope you all had a great holiday season and Happy New Year. Let's kick off a fresh year of community spotlights, starting with the Antero Group. Jeffrey Ekegren and Annie Makuch of the Antero Group are here with me today, so let's get right into it. First, let's introduce ourselves. Tell us your name and your role in the team.

Jeff: [00:00:25] Hi, my name is Jeff Ekegren, I'm 39 and I'm a cancer and I'm a Principal here at the Antero Group now.

Annie: [00:00:34] Hi, everyone, my name is Annie.

Annie: [00:00:35] I am a project engineer with the Antero Group and I have a dog.

Diana: [00:00:40] I love that. All right, so tell us more about the Antero group. What does your company do?

Jeff: [00:00:47] So the Antero group started back in 2015 with just two employees, and we do civil engineering, planning and strategic consulting. I'm in charge of the engineering department. We don't do any of the cool engineering. We do the really cool engineering like gutters and sanitary sewers. Really great stuff.

Diana: [00:01:15] I love that. So how long have you guys been in business for?

Jeff: [00:01:19] Since 2015

Jeff: [00:01:22] And we've been here at Enterprise for nearly a year.

Diana: [00:01:26] Yeah, just coming up on a year. I remember your tour with us. That was a fun time. What makes your company different from others in your field?

Annie: [00:01:37] Diana, I could take that one. I think we're a really small firm, so they're about 15, 16 of us and we are able to I think two main things. One, we have a very client-centric approach to our design, where we can really create a curated, holistic product. And on top of that, since there are so few of us, each of us get really good attention between everyone within our firm and within our directors, and it's just a really great work environment.

Diana: [00:02:08] That's awesome. That's really awesome. Switching it up a little bit. If you could tell your younger self one piece of advice, what would that be?

Jeff: [00:02:20] Well, I hit some traffic this morning, so I would tell myself to leave five minutes early.

Annie: [00:02:30] I would just say, don't sweat the little stuff. I tend to really focus on every little thing that could go wrong, and it's better to focus on making good product and getting through the big stuff.

Diana: [00:02:42] Major backup on that one, I agree. If I could tell my younger self to just relax and roll with the things that are going to happen. Not everything works out great, but it's all good and go with the flow. So why did you two, why did your team choose Enterprise Coworking?

Annie: [00:03:05] Well, Diana, whenever we were choosing a place where we wanted to start our co-working space, I looked at a bunch of different companies around Denver and this one really just had the best environment. It had really cool people and has really nice amenities, and we thought it would be a really great place for us to really get some good work done.

Jeff: [00:03:24] Yeah, the ping pong table, the shuffleboard. Steve makes a great pour over coffee. And then free beer Thursdays.

Diana: [00:03:37] Yeah, that's really great!I mentioned before that I remember doing your tour and I don't remember all the tours, but I remember you guys and I really enjoyed the vibe coming from everybody, especially you, Annie. And I feel like you and I were total pals.

Annie: [00:03:54] Absolutely. And we still are! 

Diana: [00:03:58] Awesome. So speaking directly to our viewers, what would you like them to know about your company? Any news coming up, any promos you want to talk about?

Annie: [00:04:12] Yeah, we have a great promo coming up ten dollars off of a ten thousand dollar contract, so just email me directly and we can get that get that figured out.

Diana: [00:04:20] Incredible! Well, thank you so much, Jeff and Annie. We're so happy to start another new year with your great team, part of our community. If you'd like to connect with Jeff, Annie or the Antero Group team, you can reach them at Anterogroup.com or Swing by their office at Enterprise. Thanks so much for tuning in, guys. See you next month!

Jeff: [00:04:43] Thanks, Diana.