What Is Your Why? An Interview with Alexandria Agresta, Purpose Pioneers

Recently, on a beautiful & sunny Friday afternoon, I sat down with Alexandria Agresta, CEO of Purpose Pioneers and member here at Enterprise Coworking. Getting to know Alexandria felt great, it’s like we became good friends instantly; our conversation was easy, fun and light. We connected over a cup of coffee and a hot chocolate, and I got the great opportunity to learn more about Alexandria and her incredible purpose!

Hey Alexandria, thanks so much for taking a pause in your day to chat with me! Can you tell me about Purpose Pioneers? What is the mission of your company? 

“I always start with my why, since we are Purpose Pioneers! We believe in creating a world where people find meaning in their work, so they can experience real-time fulfillment. Real-time fulfillment is…you’re not searching for anything…you’re not waiting for a paycheck…or waiting for Friday, or waiting to go on vacation— you feel that sense of wholeness in all that you do. To bring that belief to life, we wake up everyday to empower forward-thinking entrepreneurs to systematize purpose into their leadership and business, so they can increase their impact and profit.” 


What is your role with Purpose Pioneers? 

“For my role, I am Co-Chief Purpose Pioneer with my business partner, Thomas— my other purpose half. We are co-CEOs because we wanted to challenge the status quo of CEO, so we do it together! It’s been really cool— we make every decision together. This has pushed us to have regard for another human being that cares equally as much as the other person does.”


“I am really passionate about incorporating the human element back into business.”


How did you get funded? What are some creative strategies you use to execute on minimal cash flow? 

“Both Thomas and I had individual companies before we joined forces. He had raised funding and I was in the mindset of raising funding and we came to the realization that there are 2 types of companies—  one that can bootstrap and fund themselves, or one that gets funding. It’s 2 totally different worlds. We decided we didn’t want to raise any funding for Purpose Pioneers. We realized that what we have is truly transformative and can add value to our clients lives and businesses, so we have been fully generating revenue since month three in business. We have been fortunate, but this was rooted in learning from passed companies and our undying belief that we are valuable, our ticket price is high and we are going to rock our clients’ world! We went into 2018 smooth sailing and were able to re-invest back into the company to grow, specifically in a coaching program for us— we are coaches who have coaches— and we are still in the green! As for our business model, we have purpose coaching programs, with an initial investment and then we have Purpose Pass access which is a subscription service for clients who want to stay in the program and community.”


How do you market Purpose Pioneers? 

“In terms of our communication, we literally never talk about what we do. We compete on purpose. We teach people how to do that and we do it ourselves. Competing on purpose means talking about your why…what you believe in… how your product/services will transform someone’s life. Whenever we get asked, “What do you do?” it’s the perfect opportunity to challenge the status and dive right into purpose. For marketing, Facebook is our SPOT! I’m doing a Facebook live training almost every day. I do this because it empowers me to show my authentic self and that I’m just selling another thing— but that I am real, I have a story to share, and I’m here to positively transform peoples’ freakin’ lives. We also have a podcast— The Purpose Driven Leader. Go listen!! 


Can you tell me about an accomplishment that shaped your career?

“My biggest accomplishment was when I decided to go all in with Purpose Pioneers, which was July of 2017. The second that I fully committed, I gained ultimate clarity and we started seeing success month after month, big contracts and big clients. To me, it was the laws of the universe— I had to release the old in order to accept the new.”

She paints a great picture of herself a little more than a year ago, still running her other company, realizing that it was not the path she was meant for her, the feeling that she had to be superwoman and do it all, run 2 companies at once is a challenge for anyone. It was in a moment speaking to Thomas, that she realized the path that was waiting for her was Purpose Pioneers to fully commit. 


What do you hope to accomplish in the next year?

“We are setting our company up to travel more and work remotely. We realize that we have a meaningful message and a movement on our hands— it’s larger than ourselves, so we adopted a business model that will allow us to scale. We are going to Texas, back to Florida for a little bit, so my goal is to be 100% sustainably working remotely. We are also working on scaling our online program to a national audience, and hopes of becoming international - doing speaking engagements in other countries. And within a year we will have our book written and published. We are doing big things in the next year!! I’m excited.”


What is your favorite aspect about being an entrepreneur right now? 

Ultimate freedom to be my authentic self! Being an entrepreneur, especially being one online, allows someone to make money by not only only adding value to the world, but also being their 100% authentic self. Like when I do training videos or Facebook Live sessions, I get to be me, but also talking about something that is positively transforming the landscape of how we do business. We don’t have to put ourselves in these boxes. We get to be us and we get to make money doing it as long as we commit. It’s hard, entrepreneurship is not for everyone. But entrepreneurship aligns with what it means to be human— resourcefulness, exploring the unknown, taking risks, being empowering. This role aligns with what I believe in.”


What do you enjoy doing in your free time? 

“Music festivals! It’s totally my thing! Music festivals and concerts, that is my release. I don’t play music personally but the way music makes me feel is indescribable. My soul feels full.”


Want to get in touch with Alexandria? I suggest you it and you will find your WHY! 

You can connect with her on:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alexagrestapurpose

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/purposepreneur 

Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-purpose-driven-leader/id1408854597?mt=2

Website: www.purposepioneers.com