Community Spotlight: Aaron Lebovic, Influencing Achievement

This month our Community Spotlight is featuring the newest member of Enterprise Coworking in Greenwood Village, Aaron Lebovic. Aaron is a real estate agent and distressed property specialist here in Denver and currently works for eXp Realty. He is a seasoned real estate agent and was named a 5 Star Real Estate Agent and Consultant by 5280 Magazine.

So Aaron, tell us about yourself and your business.

I’m originally from Chicago but went to college in Denver. I went back to Chicago in 2002 and started investing in real estate at foreclosure auctions. It was my family’s business so I had a lot of opportunities in front of me and I leveraged what I was given. I was investing in Chicago but came back to Colorado in 2007, where I was buying at foreclosure auctions.

In 2009 I started a software company tracking foreclosures throughout the state of Colorado. I still have it and it’s called
It’s a data aggregation service pulling in foreclosure information, treasurer information, public trusting information, really all these resources. We
package them up nicely as a subscription service for real estate agents and investors. I partnered up with two very smart, very hard-working guys who are
still my partners today. Their job is to help with web design and data aggregation while my job now is to teach classes on the foreclosure process and
how realtors, agents and investors can succeed in a distressed market.

In 2014 foreclosures started to go down significantly and tradition sales went up. I knew that the foreclosure boom was just a season in the market and I needed to shift. I decided to be a real estate agent and honestly, I thought I would hate it. But as it turns out, I really love it which is why I’ve been doing it now for going on 5 years. I work with a team called the Group 46:10 Network because I’ve discovered that when you partner with the right people – you can all go faster and further together. This sometimes means you won’t be making as much money per transaction but you’ll end up making more money in the end because you’re working together as a team, plus it gives you a higher quality of life.

made you want to join the Enterprise Coworking community?

Previously, I was in an office where the location was great, it was actually only four blocks away from my house. It was a nice
office but there wasn’t any energy or people walking around smiling and happy. Also, the staff here was a factor. The front desk isn’t only representative of
Enterprise, but also a part of my team. If I’m having a guest come in, their first impression will sometimes decide whether or not they’ll want to work with
me. Having somebody who’s smiling, warm, and welcoming at the front desk makes all the difference for my business.

The energy, the community events, the opportunity to collaborate, that’s what really drew me to coworking and Enterprise.

are some of your business goals for the new year?

I have some pretty serious goals. I’d like to help 31 families and singles with the purchase or sale of a home. I would like to help at least 12 real estate agents see the value in the support that myself and my company offers and bring them over to eXp Realty.

does success look like to you?

Success is quality of life, first and foremost which can mean different things to different people. I may be unique but I don’t separate life and business. Business to me is life and life is business. Luckily I have a beautiful understanding wife who understands that’s who I am. Success to me is having a happy home, the ability to travel and explore the world, and having fun taking care of clients and helping them make the biggest financial decision in their life.

else do you want the Enterprise Community to know about you or your business?

What I’ve come to realize is you can set goals but sometimes you cannot control the outcome, at least in my business. You can influence whether you achieve your goals so it can be daunting to say “I’m going to help 31 families this year.” The question is, “what do I have to do today on a micro level to accomplish this goal?” All I can control is what my schedule looks like for the day or the week. So I don’t have control on my outcome, only influence. So my goals aren’t
just “I want to help 31 families.” My goals are reduced down to the fact that in order to achieve this goal, I have to meet with at least one buyer and one
seller a week in order to accomplish my larger goal. Then it’s easy to take the steps to make that happen.

Thank you for your time, Aaron! If you’d like to meet with Aaron, feel free to come to the Greenwood Village office to say hello or click here
to schedule an appointment.